Down With The Sickness, part 47 (roughly)

The common cold seems to really be making the rounds these days.. First I read on Mette’s blog that she’s down with the cold, then my Dad’s wife goes down, followed by my Dad.. Who, I guess, just had to take me with him. Either way, I started suddenly getting a sore throat and feeling more and more wobbly last night after I got home.. Thinking this probably wasn’t a good sign, I went to bed early and slept for about 7 hrs before my alarm clock went off, at this time the time was about 7:30 AM and I had absolutely no idea what was going on around me.. My throat hurt, my head was spinning and well, I just generally wasn’t feeling well.

A half hour later I wasn’t feeling any better so I decided to just sod my machine-aided translation classes and stay in bed – a very un-Johan-like thing to do as I usually don’t let anything, except maybe a broken leg or complete inability to move stop me from going to work or school.. Yes, I’ve actually gone to work on two sprained ancles.. Or on a twisted knee for that matter.. And gone to school the morning after being hit by a speeding car.. I’m sure “my girls” will be proud of me for finally taking some sort of care of myself.

Aaanyways, I slept for another three hours or so, before I was woken by a call from Christian who was calling to tell me that we didn’t have to do group work that afternoon after all.. Which was all good news to me, as I’d completely forgotten all about that and wasn’t feeling too great.

So, today has generally been spend under the covers with school books, the laptop, homework and a bit of geeking about.. The only time I ventured outside was to get me something for lunch.. Even that didn’t succeed too well as I eventually came home with about enough food to last me a week, a face moisturizer, an Opeth concert DVD and milk.. Yet forgot all about lunch.. Lovely! I’m really not myself today.

So, I suppose now I’ll get cracking with the rest of my homework, make myself a chai or two.. Since I now have milk.. And then hopefully tonight I’ll get to enjoy watching that damn Opeth show.. It’s funny, I remember that I didn’t really use to like Opeth.. Maybe mainly because they’re Swedish and weird as hell.. But now they’re like my favorite band ever.. Crazy how tastes change sometimes.. I’m really starting to dig the whole stoner rock/metal movement. Okay, that was a bit of a side-track..

What else is new? Well, in the ever-raging debate about Johan’s hair and the length of it, I thought I’d just mention that my dad and his family really (to my surprise, admittedly) really digged my new hair and urged me NOT to cut it.. So hah, in your face, Z, Em and Tina! 😛 I’m still perplexed by the fact that my hair lends so much to the public debate.. Geeze.. I was actually gonna cut it, but I guess now I’ll just let it grow and see how many more people I can delight and/or piss off 😉


2 responses to “Down With The Sickness, part 47 (roughly)

  1. Aaww!! You poor thing! Hope you’ll be feeling better soon…
    Fortunately, my cold is almost over. Counting on getting over it through-out this week. On the down side, I found that I’m not as blessed when it comes to friends as I thought I was 😦 Nobody came around for a visit… Scared of catching the cold maybe? Or maybe they simply, just don’t read my blog… 🙂
    Anywho- Sending you happy, warm and camomile-ish thoughts!

  2. Aww.. Thanks! Thankfully, I’m also feeling a lot better already myself 🙂
    Yea, people tend to be afraid of sick people, so don’t take it too personally 🙂 I might have been weird enough to show up, but then again, I had seven people over for dinner and they’d probably have been wondering where I’d gone 😉

    Thanks for the happy thoughts, I’ll return some of ’em and hope you feel all better yourself soon!

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