Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but lately Kolding has been full of these obviously foreign people who walk up to you on the street and give you some weird story about children in Africa and how they’re trying to raise money to go help out.

Maaaaaaybe it’s just me.. But a few questions pop to mind here.. Mainly, if you’re obviously not from this country, why spend money on a trip here to raise money for such a noble cause? And secondly, do you really have to be this damn annoying?

Now, I’m usually pretty good at dodging these people or warding them off with some stupid comment about being busy.. But here’s a funny scenario for ya:

Christian and I are walking towards the train station, rather in a hurry as  Christian has a train to catch, one of these blokes walk up to up, it all happens something like this..

Guy: Hello!

Me: Uhh.. Hello..

Guy: (awkward silence)

Me: (starts walking again)

Guy: Hello! Do you have a moment of time for..

Me: (cuts him off) Sorry, we’re rather busy right now.

Guy: Ahh.. I see.. But do you not even have a minute for the starving children in Africa?

(Christian and I are still walking at this point, guy’s almost running next to us trying to keep pace)

Christian: We sorta have a train to catch, y’know?

Guy: Yes, but.. the children..

Me: (Getting pissed now)  Look, we asked you kindly.. Would you please be so kinda as to leave us alone?

Guy: Right.. Okay.. Calm down.. You don’t have to be rude.. Smile, it’s a wonderful day!

Me: Who’s being rude again?

Interesting.. And that was just the start of my day, this all happened before noon.. An hour later, I’d gone and spend DKK 899 (approx $12o) on a new pair of winter boots.. So, to all the starving kids in Africa: I’m sorry.. To our foreign friend: As soon as I’m done worrying about feeding myself and putting shoes on my own feet, I’ll worry about the world!

Oh, the things that happen in my life..  Anyways, I’m happy to report that today turned out quite a lot better than the day before. I got new shoes, first of all! Oh and I picked up my mom’s shoes from her former job and then had her drop by to pick them up.. So I got to talk to my mom for while today.. And cut up fish with her! Umm.. Yea, my mom’s a bit weird. She drops by to pick up a pair of shoes, then goes “Hey, I noticed last time around that you have a rub on your spice rack suitable for fish.. So here, I brought you a fish, want me to help you cut it up for ya?” – Gee, thanks mom! No, I think I can manage!

So, mom got her shoes, I got a fish, and into the freezer it went and out the door she went. At this point Zascha started chatting me up on MSN asking me what I was doing and asking if I’d be interested in her cooking me dinner.. Umm..  Yes! But first I just haaaad to go spend another DKK 250 on a friggin’ scarf.. Like I hadn’t spend enough money that day already (Oh, please, won’t someone think of the poor children in Africa?), also I promised to pick up a few supplies for dinner, so dropped by the local supermarket. I gotta admit that I really miss seeing Mette or Sunita (though that’d be rather impossible now, I guess) behind the register.. At least they only laugh at me when I’m having trouble with my goods or spare change.. They don’t try to rip my head off or anything.. Anyways, I heroically fought my way past the evil vixen behind the register and made my way to Zascha’s…

Who in return dragged me back outside and immediately started complaining about the cold.. Which eventually led to her dragging me back into the lion’s den.. Aka Tøfex.. Aka the local supermarket.. in search of knitted gloves, which we found after about 10 mins of rummaging around the textiles section and getting lost from one another two times along the way – I’ll spare you the story of her calling my phone from five meters away to ask where the hell I was (in her defense, I hadn’t spotted her either). Anyways, happily begloved (yes, I just made that word up), we made our way on grand quest.. To find Zascha a new bag, a quest that we didn’t succeed in but at least we had fun along the way.

Oh, and I learned to always have a female friend with me when walking through downtown Kolding, the damn foreigners are waaay less likely to stop a guy and a gal walking close together, apparently.. Even my friend from earlier on merely smiled and nodded when we walked by and didn’t ask a single question about African children.

Safely back at Zascha’s, she convinced me to do the dishes while she cooked dinner, a deal which I figured to be a pretty fair deal, especially as I was served an awesome dinner consisting of a mozzarella/tomato/basil salad (don’t hold the olive oil, please!) and pasta with bacon and eggs served with a few glasses of exellent white wine (on a wednesday, even).. Yup, I’m sure Morten and Christian will be envious to find out that not only did I get a girl to cook me dinner, she did so using 300 grams of bacon in the main dish.. Hey, Z, my soon to be clogged arteries love you almost as much as I do 😉

Being me, I naturally had to eat so damn much that I could hardly even walk afterwards, so we pretty much just crashed on Zaschas couch afterwards, catching an episode of Numbers and in a surprising yet boring match watched Danish football team FC Copenhagen  beat Manchester United.. I mean, what the heck? After the match, I finally managed to get myself back on my feet and drag myself home.. I never did get to lay around under the covers today with a cup of tea and watch a damn movie, buut.. I think I had a pretty good day after all! 🙂 Now all there’s left is for me to drag myself to bed.. But knowing me, that probably won’t happen any time soon., My sleep patterns are pretty messed up again, after all.. So even though I’m up at 0:50 AM posting this, probably not making any sense by now, I’m still not likely to go to bed for another few hours or so.. Woe is me.


One response to “Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?

  1. Ha! Know it all to well.
    Either they say “Oh, So that meens you APPROVE of people “stoning” helpless women?” Or if you tell them you don’t have the money for it they go:
    “It’s just 50kr, it’s like a pizza, you can’t even spare that?” (With REALLY judgemental eyes!!) Hey! I don’t eat pizza every day, nor do I eat it each and every month! And NO! I don’t have money to spare! I can hardly fead or buy clothes for myself!
    And What happens if WE start giving all this country’s money to these organisations? Then WE become the needy! And I doubt you won’t ever see a guy in a sari, down in Columbia or someplace asking people in the marketplaces “Excuse me! Do you have time for the needy students of Denmark? They are so cold up there! Won’t someone PLEASE think of our future erudited ones!”

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