Sleeping my day away

Okay, what in the hell? I literally woke up at 6:20 PM this evening after having spend all day in bed or on the couch.. I barely woke at 4 PM and moved myself from my bed to the couch.. Hmm..

Last night was J-day, the evening where the traditional Danish xmas beer is launched. I think I mentioned earlier that Danes are kinda crazy and love to brew beer for pretty much every occasion they get. This is usually marked by a huge party and yesterday was no exception! We were rocking the Uboat as always and I even had my first shift behind the bar.. It went reasonably well, I think my major fuck-up was nearly cheating Christian out of DKK 100 and 10 beers.. Umm yeah..

Anyways, don’t really feel like going into details about the evening and the night.. I was home at somewhere around 5 AM after which can probably best be described as an ambivalent evening. Had a good time in some cases, but it was also the night where I finally let my own and others problems get to me.. So to those whom I have seemed mute, brooding or rude towards, I sincerely apologize.. To Zascha, especially, I apologize for letting my dark mood get the best of me. When you don’t really really have that much of a real family, friends are probably the best thing in your life and you shouldn’t let silly things said or done in a drunken haze get to you.. So I’m sorry..

Otherwise a nice, enjoyable evening which probably featured me in the most Christmas enthusiastic mood you’ll ever see me in.

Update: 10 PM, should’ve seen this coming. I’ve been in bed all day with zero energy. Actually I’ve been sleeping most of the day, a total of 16 hours so far. Think I may have caught whatever my dad last week after all, as I’m showing exactly the same symptoms. God this sucks, I’m dizzy,deprived of energy and my throat hurts like hell.. I haven’t gotten a single thing done all day except eating a bit of soup earlier which I’ve been struggling ever since to keep down. Such a wasted day, especially since I had things that needed doing.. Crap!


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