Ever get the feeling that sometimes life is just laughing you in the face? Like on days like this when you’re stuck inside with a stupid cold thinking about how three years ago, almost on the hour, you were cruising along, watching a spectacular sunset over the Hollywood Hills.. Hmm.. I get that a lot when things really start getting cold back home 😉

Ahem, right, back to the subject at hand.. I’m finally starting to show improvements. Hey, I ventured outside today.. For more than a half hour, even! As could probably be suspected, i didn’t get all that much sleep last night.. I guess that’s the price you pay for sleeping 30-some hours straight. Instead I spend the evening watching NFL, you know, that awkward American take on football in which you use your hands 99% of the time. Not all games are broadcast here in Denmark so I had to settle for watching The Redskins barely beat The Dallas Cowboys (my poor nerves!) and my poor Steelers getting completely overrun by The Denver Broncos.. Hmm.. My team loyalty is starting to grow a bit weak.. They really haven’t had a good season 😉

By the time I’d grown bored of watching the Steelers getting their asses kicked, most of my friends had logged off MSN, so I decided to try that whole sleep thing, ah but evidently I shouldn’t be so lucky! I decided to try my hands at a suggestion that Zascha came up with a while ago, so I turned to reading. A few weeks ago, I stumbled into “Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters 1917-1961” at a yard sale and just couldn’t pass it up, being the geek that I am. And evidently tonight was the night for me to get started on it. It was actually quite an interesting read, if you’re into Hemingway, that is, so much so that I’m actually not sure when I got to bed.. Probably at around 3 or so?

Anyone but me super weird dreams when you’re running a fever? Either way, I was treated to an interesting mix of events and people from my past plus the sensation of waking up several times throughout the night either bathed in sweat or shivering cold.. Yup! Gotta love them fevers! 😉 For some reason I kept hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock this morning, don’t know why, may have had something to do with the whole not sleeping before 3 thing. But I eventually got up and made my way to class. Monday morning is Machine Aided Translation class which is about every bit as exciting and entertaining as the name would apply.

We spend an hour and a half going through an assignment we’d handed in earlier and getting a bit of overly drawn out feedback on it. Luckily this gave me ample time to go through another assignment for tomorrow as well as bug Mette a bit on MSN and read up on other people’s blogs. This of course made for a bit of embarrassment when I started laughing a little too loudly about a posting involving comments I’d made Friday and my professor took that as a sign that I had something to contribute to the in class discussion.. Whoops! 🙂 Oh, and by the way, people look at you a little oddly when you put on your winter coat in class in response to them turning on the AC because they’re hot.. But then, only minutes later, I saw some guy outside wearing only t-shirt and light trousers, making me wonder just who were sicker.. Me or him..

And that’s really about as interesting as my day has gotten today.. The rest has been spend shopping for groceries, doing dishes from the past few days of being sickies (it has come to my attention that I need either a dishwasher or a maid.. That’d be great!), and doing homework… Now I’m waiting for our linguistics teacher to get his act together and post our homework for tomorrow on Blackboard (our e-learning platform) and what better thing to do to keep yourself occupied than posting to your blog? Sleeping is getting a little old, after all.. 😉

Don’t really plan on anything that interesting happening today.. Probably just more homework.. Being sick has taken its toll after all.. Somehow I managed to lose four kgs over the weekend and drain myself completely of energy in the process.. I guess if my female friends are still complaining about needing to lose a kg or two, I’ll take one or two from each and it’ll somehow add up and everybody would be happy. That or I’ll somehow find a way of marketing the common cold as a super diet and get rich that way.. Okay ,this is getting too weird, signing off for now.. 😉


4 responses to “*cough*

  1. Oh… I see… It’s life which is laughing at me all the time… 😦 I thought it was an elf, a mouse or something…

  2. Aww.. Poor thing.. Well, hopefully it won’t be long before you’ll have to worry more about laughing elves than life laughing at you. Luckily, these things have a tendency to blow over.. 🙂

  3. Hope so… I could use some light in my life(other than you my dear, of course 😉 )

  4. Aw, but I’m pretty good at being the light in peoples’ lives.. I’ve actually managed to somehow lit myself on fire once.. Not that that’d surprise anyone by now 😉 Seriously, though, keep in mind what we talked about last night. We’ll have you smiling again soon enough! 🙂

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