Give Peace A Chance

Well, well, well.. The day finally came.. For me to rise from my bed and sea of self-pity and try my hands at a real working day.. Picked the right day, too.. Well, not.. As Tuesday is currently my least favorite day of the week.

“Why, oh why is that, Johan?”, you might ask.. Well, you probably wouldn’t, but I’ll tell you anyways. For starters, I hate linguistics, and Tuesday means 3 linguistics lessons .. Y’know, just to sorta kick off the day properly. Okay, before I go on too much of a rant, today’s lessons weren’t too bad, I actually understood most of what was going on.. Wow.. I still don’t think our professor likes us, though, even if Stefan and I at some point started whistling “For he’s a jolly good fellow” as soon as he entered the room.. He just looked at us as if we were weird or something.. I wonder why.

Linguistics were followed by an early lunch which featured a discussion between Stefan and I involving snails, salamanders, dishes with snails, gangsters with pet salamanders, cloning and just what would happen if the Earth’s remaining rain forests were cut down and replaced by bonsai trees.. Surprisingly Zascha and Christian both decided to sit next to us when they arrived later and overheard parts of the conversation.

English grammar class soon followed. Our English professor seemed in a good mood and were handing out a bunch of spare paperback novels he’d had lying around. He asked if anybody had a birthday coming up this month. In a dumbass move, I raised my hand and muttered “Ummm… Jesus?” (Coz we all know Jesus was born in November.. Great, Johan!) – He somehow took this to mean that my birthday was in November and handed me a novel along with a corrected version of a translation I’d handed in last week and a few mutterings under his breath about me being a dumbass, or something to that extend. I took one look at my translation and immediately understood what he meant. I’d made probably the best translation in my life time.. Well, 95% of it, anyways, the top three lines contained a total of five grave errors and enough corrections to drop me from a top grade to one just above average.. The rest was spotless.. Doh!

Technical English followed the rather bumpy grammar class. I’m not gonna lie, the subjects of pumps, hydraulics and pneumatic hammers were never that interesting to me. So most of the time was spend in a group conversation on MSN with Tina and Zascha, both of whom were in my class.. Man, I remember the good old days when communication in class went on through notes being passed around.. Now it’s done through laptops and wireless network connections.. Hmm.. I suddenly feel so old 😉 Anyways, after about an hour, our professor didn’t feel like he had anything else to say, so he sadly had to let us go early.. No problem.. A few of us went down to the second floor where we have a number of really comfy couches and hung out here for a while and just talked.. Actually we hung out and talked for quite a while. I think I was home at about 5 PM (class ended early at around 2.45).. Eh, well, gave me just enough time to eat dinner and chill on the couch for a bit before heading for work.

I hadn’t been at work for about a week until tonight.. And being kinda clumsy plus having just been sick for a while, I was sorta fearing the worst. Things went pretty smoothly, though, I didn’t really manage to break anything and spend a good deal of my time chatting with a few friends over SMS.. Errm.. I mean doing my job and paying attention.. Yea! Oh, and I punched a cop.. But he was off duty and kinda asking for it, so yea.. He had it coming 😉

And that leaves me here, once again blogging way into the wee hours while sorta watching the Election Coverage on CNN.. Hmm.. Probably should just go to bed. Got morning classes again tomorrow and afterwards, we’re supposed to prepare a case for Business Communication. Thursday is my day off from uni (yay!), so only have to worry about work that day. Friday, I’m apparently going to Germany with Zascha after classes and then off to the Uboat later on. Saturday, my friend Ricki is throwing a party. Seems it may be a busy week after all.. So yes, bedtime!

Oh, wondering about the post title? Well, I’m tired 😉 and I originally went and posted without a title by mistake.. When I went back to edit, I found out that Daniel Ortega had just been elected president of Nicaragua (again) and in the CNN coverage of the celebrations, the Spanish version of “Give Peace A Chance” was playing in the background. How ironic..


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