Freaky Friday

Wow, three days without posting.. That hasn’t happened in a while 😉 As could be expected, it’s been a rather crazy weekend, so I haven’t had time for writing anything.. Actually, I’ve hardly been home at all.

Friday started in a bit of a panicy way, as I noted that one of the overhead transparencies we’d made for our presentation had a bunch of errors in it, so our first class was spend correcting this on my laptop and then the break was spend rushing down the stairs to the computer lab, print a new version then rush to the library to copy it onto another transparency.. Then back up to the third floor to follow the next class.. For those interested, I managed this in 7 minutes.. And managed to come back with a transparency which still had errors in it.. Doh! So, anyways, Zascha made the appropriate corrections by hand.. And the presentation actually went really well, everything considered.. Maybe our traditional Friday lunch beer helped calm our nerves? 🙂

After the break, Tina, Zascha, Morten, Christian and I went down to the Uboat. Zascha and I had to take part in a short meeting but afterwards it was time for the Uboat Quiz, a fun, little activity we take part in every other friday. Apparently people were a little upset that we’ve managed to snatch the victory for the past three times in a row, so the quiz had been designed with the specific purpose that we shouldn’t win. And I’m happy to report that they were successful in their cause, we only came in second after struggling through such categories as “In memory of Steve Irwin”, “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” and “Sex in other countries” (Did you know that sex in the armpit is known as “Italian”, I do now).

When the quiz finished, Zascha and I took off to Germany. We’d decided to do a bit of shopping for Christmas and booze is, after all, quite a bit cheaper on Germany. We left Morten and Christian  with Zascha’s house key and agreed that they’d have dinner ready when we returned.

We had a blast of a trip featuring our usual combination of high speed, sing-a-long songs and general weirdness. We’d agreed, that I’d write the boys back home a message when we left Germany and I did (well, technically, I wrote them from a parking lot in front of a sex shop in the border town of Kruså, but that’s another story), but never got any reply, so about a quarter of an hour later, I call up Morten just to make sure they got the message. From talking to Morten, I got the impression that our friends have spend a little more time drinking beer than preparing dinner.. At any rate, Morten was laughing quite a lot, his speech rather slurred,  Christian was making an absolute wreckage in the background and they generally seemed rather confused about the state of the cooking and the fact that we were due home in 30 minutes. Things hadn’t gotten much better when we came home.. Well, they’d managed to get the food (stuffed peppers) in the oven and had opened a few more beers, but that’s really about it.. To make a long story short, we ended up eating about an hour after we got home 😛

Another our or so later, we left for the Uboat again. Or well, Christian and I had some stuff to talk about, so I followed him to the train station (he had to work in the morning) and then made my way back to the Uboat and met up with Zascha and Morten. Iben, Dunkel, Dunkels girlfriend, Marianne, and Iben’s friend, Dennis, had also showed up and Tina showed up not long after with her little brother and some of his friends.. So we pretty quickly got a party going. After a few hours, Dunkel, Iben, Morten and I went back to Dunkel’s place in a move which seemed to make sense at the time, but doesn’t really now.. At any rate, we sat there for a while until Morten and Iben left. Dunkel and I kept the party going for a while, listening to a bunch of metal and banging our heads a little. Dunkel was feeling really tired, though, and kicked me out at around 3. Zascha had called me earlier and told me that Tina was quite sad and on top of that, she had apparently had her jacket stolen by some jackass.. So at this point I went back to the Uboat to make sure  she was okay. By the time I got there, she seemed to be doing a lot better, so we just talked for a while before Zascha and I decided to go home. So I walked Zascha home (certainly did a lot of walking that day), then made my own way home, set my alarm clock for 10 AM and stumbled into bed at around 5 AM


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