Weekend roundup, part two

Saturday morning was the time when I once again realized that getting only five hours of sleep after a night out on the town simply isn’t enough. At any rate, I managed to turn off my alarm clock the very second the alarm went off, which resulted in me being woken about an hour and a half later by an SMS from Iben reading “Are you sleeping, or what??!” – Oh crap, I’d agreed to go shopping with her Saturday, hadn’t I? Ooops.. Anyways, raced out of bed and into the shower, somehow managed to get ready in no time and meet up with Iben in less than an hour.

We were supposed to find a birthday gift for her father and a gift for my half-sister’s baby’s baptism.. The later was quickly canceled as Johan was obviously still a liiiittle drunk from last night’s escapades. But we did manage to find a gift for her father 🙂 .. And send a lot of weird signals in the process.. It turned out that the woman behind the counter at the store we went to is an ex-colleague  of my mother’, so now my mom will probably, once again, get the wrong ideas 😉

After shopping, we went back to Iben’s apartment, ate lunch and watched a few movies, by this time I’d sobered up and actually nearly fell asleep on the couch, had it not been for Ricki SMS’ing me and asking if he should come pick me up, which made me realize I’d better get home and get ready for the evening.

I was supposed to spend the evening with Ricki who had some sort of guy night planned. As always, he picked me up a little early and we hung out for a while, talking, watching football and having a few beers. After a while, I got hungry, and decided to walk on over to McDonald’s and get some greasy dinner. I was lucky enough that Tina was working that evening, so I got not only food but also a quick chat and a bunch of hugs.. I should go to McDonald’s more often.. If for nothing else, then at least for the service and benefits 😉

Safely back at Ricki’s, we once again got started on the beers and two more of Ricki’s friends soon showed up with a bunch of booze. Apparently a total of 8 people had decided not to show up, so we went from being 12 to being just the four of us – and in a really, really weird twist, two of us were named Johan! Man, I’ve never tried that before. I usually never meet people who share my name, and suddenly 50% of the party are named Johan 😉 Anyways, we managed to have a  good time the four of us together and after a while we were convinced to join another party downtown.

The party was thrown by Johan’s little brother, so I knew absolutely noone except for Ricki.. Oh well, went along anyways and actually ended up having a pretty good time. Ricki and I decided to show the youngsters how to party properly which meant first of all to get them to play some proper music.. Not that pop is necessarily that bad a thing, but an entire evening of listening to only Beyoncé, Boybands and other girly things gets to be a bit too much.. So we located some SOAD, Rammstein and Guano Apes and decided to kick it up a notch. This was met with mixed reactions.. Some loved it, others complained, one girl in particular started whining about putting Beyoncé back on and what have you. This made me sit down next to her with a bottle of booze and start having shots with her until she stopped complaining and started sleeping instead. 😉

A few of the others apparently took this to mean that we were trying to drink them under the table, so they decided to provoke Ricki and I to step up the pace.. A very bad idea, as it took us only about 30 minutes to have them snoozing as well. But at least now we could listen to whatever music we wanted.. I think the lesson to be learned is don’t  mess with  the pros 😉 Not long after, we decided that it was probably best to leave. Some of the others were going clubbing, but I decided against it due to not really having any money.. Literally, as I had forgotten my debit card at home. Anyways, it was probably better for me to go home as it’d been a long night.. Not only Saturday, but also the night before.. So off I went, and somehow managed to run into Tina once again on my way home.. Hmm, I gotta stop bumping into her like that 😉

Once home, I somehow decided that I was hungry, so I started raiding the fridge, find nothing of interest that was already prepared, but I did find about half a kg of minced meat.. So what’s a boy to do? Well, the reasonable thing to do would have been to go to bed.. But I’m me, so naturally I start cooking up meatballs.. Mmm.. 😉

I eventually got to bed at around 3 AM or so, and stayed there for the next 12 hour or so, must’ve had so sleep to catch up on.


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