Sleep deprivation, revisited.. Again.. ;)

Hey, I just realised that it must’ve actually been a while since I last slept really poorly. At any rate, I’d pretty much completely forgotten how messed up the world looks when you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. 😀

I wouldn’t say today has been great, but it definitely hasn’t been as bad as could be expected. Well, that is after I finally managed to get out of bed. Having only slept for about an hour or so, I had a really hard time getting up. Caffeine can apparently also be bad for you, but hey, I managed to convince myself that I really needed my linguistics lessons, so off to school I went.. And it actually wasn’t too bad. Had a breakfast of rolls and Red Bull (Thank you, Tina, you’re a life-saver!) in class and actually managed to figure out the assignments this time.. Good times! After lingustics, I had lunch with the boys and then went off for English grammar class followed by Technical English.. Nothing much to report, I was half asleep through most of it anyways. If it hadn’t been for Tina and i jogging down and having a cup of coffee in one of the breaks, I’d probably have been sound asleep by the end of the day 😉

After classes, I had a meeting with Zascha and a few other people from the Student Body in order to start the planning of the school’s annual Christmas Party.. Turns out we’re actually running a little late as the party isn’t more than two weeks and a few days ago.. Whoops.. Well, at least we’re making progress now. I somehow became in charge of getting hold of a DJ and also took it upon myself to produce some flyers to advertise the party.. So in the end, I wound up having quite a lot to do today.. Despite telling myself that I was gonna spend the day relaxing and winding down.. Stupid, silly Johan! 😉

After the other people had left, Zascha and I said down and looked at the bar plan for the evening and some other details.. I eventually went home to get some dinner, work on flyers and homework.. And haven’t really gotten any further. I was pretty much ready to just go the hell to bed, but still expecting a call back from a DJ I’m trying to get hold of.. Suppose I might have to go for Plan B tomorrow, can’t really take anymore right now.. Just want some sweet, sweet sleep.. Sleep brings relief, I hear.

So goodnight, guys, hope I’m a little more coherent tomorrow!


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