2000+ visitors, internet outages and more sleep deprivation

Okay, wow, a few days ago I realised that this little blog had reached 2000+ visitors, I wanted to write a post and celebrate earlier, but then for some reason my internet at home went down.. Bugger! But more on that later.. First of, I can’t believe that my blog has had more than 2000 hits.. I mean, I know I’m getting my ass kicked by Mette in the blog popularity contest, but considering I never really thought anyone would be interested in my life, I’d still say I’m doing pretty good 😉  So thanks to everybody for dropping by and please do keep coming back. 🙂

Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t had any internet connection for the past few days.. Don’t really know what happened, but wanted to post an update after getting home from work Wednesday night but suddenly had no net connection.. Just another link in my chain of bad luck that day, I guess. So what’s been up? Well, one thing I haven’t done much is sleeping. I had all these great plans about getting to bed early on Tuesday since I hadn’t really slept Monday night.. Well, that didn’t go too well, as I wasn’t the least bit sleepy when Tuesday night arrived.. Luckily, I had Tina and Mette to talk to on MSN which helped a bit and I did eventually fall asleep at around 1 AM.

Wednesday I was woken early by my landlord, Bo, who called to tell me that a few real estate brokers would be over to take a look at the house in about 15 minutes, so I figured I’d better get up and put some clothes on. I’m not really fond of people walking around my home without me being there, so the decission was made to skip classes and stay at home instead.. Only had two classes anyways. The day was spend making home work, producing flyers for the school xmas party and trying to get hold of a DJ.. Once again, I got hold of someone who promised to call me back, but never did.. Lovely! Oh well, at least Zascha managed to get hold of someone and book him.. Maybe we should just make a girl do it from the start next time, I’m sure they’d have a better chance of getting guys to call them back!

Wednesday night, I’d taken an extra shift at work which I wholeheartedly regretted once I got out there, but hey, at least the money was good. Got home and went to bed waaay too late once more. At least I managed to get a little more sleep this night and woke up a little later than usual on Thursday, a day which was to be spend shopping and hanging out with Tina.

This proved to be a lot of fun.. Tina showed up at around 4 PM and turned out to be about as tired (or even more tired) as me and together we went grocery shopping for dinner for Friday night. This proved both challenging and fun as both of us were talking our asses off and cracking weird assed jokes as to at least try not to fall asleep.. And of course we also managed to forget some of the things we were supposed to buy.. 😉 After doing our shopping, we went back to my place and started heating up some leftovers for dinner. Tina managed to yell at me a bit in the process of doing this, apparently it’s not adviceable for someone as clumsy as me to try and open a bag of pasta with a Global knife while being on the phone with my mom at the same time.. Hmm!

Oh well, we managed to get dinner done without any major injuries and enjoyed a few different, small courses while watching a bunch of sit-coms.. Mmm.. Afterwards we got started on watching The Simpsons and drinking coffee while sharing waaay too much ice cream.. For the record, sharing almost a liter of ice cream less than an hour before going to work is a dumb idea! Eh, I did manage to get to work despite a bit of a stomach ache and even managed to finish the day without further major accidents.. A fact that honestly surprised me as I felt like I was about to die from fatigue at this point.

When I got home, I tried my luck once more at that sleep thing and failed miserably. I honestly didn’t fall asleep till 5:30 this morning which was juuust great considering I had to get up at 7:45.. So, Johan sleepy today? Yes!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone! 🙂


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