Veggies.. Good or bad?


Another weekend is coming to an end, so it’s time for another weekend update! In this past weekend, I’ve managed to teach Christian that meat-less cooking can actually be successful, I’ve sung karaokee with a drunken Faroese Gentleman named Einar and I’ve watched drunken idiots scaling walls and tumbling through thorn bushes in an effort to get my attention.. To name but a few things that have happened.

Friday actually started off rather quietly. Like I mentioned, I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately so they first few classes were spend trying to pay attention, not fall asleep and updating my blog all the while. After lunch and our now legendary, traditional lunch beer, things went a little better.

Our Friday afternoon classes with Mr. Morten Kier (or Gaylord, as he is so affectionately called by his students) are actually starting to become rather fun. They’re placed at a time when most of us are starting to have a hard time paying attention to anything and anyone but rather than getting upset, Mr. Kier actually enjoys the crazyness to a certain extend. I mean, he’s already getting used to Zascha and I bitching at, and slapping, eachother in class and he’s starting to really buy into our sense of humour. This Friday things really went a bit too far.. For starters the man suddenly handed me a Coke.. Apparently he remembers me pulling a prank on him and buying him a beer back in October, so he decided to return the favor and get me a drink – He would’ve bought me a beer, but apparently is still traumatized about that one time when I showed up drunk for class.. Whooops! Also, he’s starting to return some of our jokes and joke around with us in retur.. Pretty good times!

Of other funny stuff that happened tht Friday afternoon I guess I should mention the fact that we were supposed to do a short presentation at one point, and so we have Tina’s laptop hooked up to the big screen projector located in the room. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Mr. Kier decides to dash out of the room and go MIA for about 15 minutes. Not really knowing what to do, we open up Tina’s image collection and start showing pictures from all the drunken parties we’ve been throwing lately.. This turned out to be a much bigger hit with the class than our actual presentation 😉

After classes were through, Morten, Christian, Zascha, Tina and I went to the Uboat and met up with Emelie, Tina’s friend Anne and a few other people. We had a good time here, socializing and enjoying a few beers before we decided to leave and get started on dinner. I’d arranged to have dinner with Emelie a while back, and somehow along the way I’d managed to drag Tina, Zascha, Christian and Anne into the mix.. Hey, the more the merrier! The only problem was that Emelie being a vegetarian, we couldn’t well throw meat into the mix.. This posed no problem with me or Zascha as we’re kinda used to vegetarian cooking, but Christian did seem a bit heart broken that the wouldn’t be any meat.. I had to spend a long time convincing him that meat-less cooking could actually turn out pretty good, and I even opted to include cream and cheese in the food mix so that he’d at least be partly happy.

Oh well, we eventually made our way to Tina’s, and popped open a few bottles of wine before I got started on the cooking. Tina slept for a little while while the rest of us chatted and I tried not to burn anything.. A mission which I actually succeeded at, though I did manage to create a few weird looks and sniffs when I added a bunch of red wine vinegar to a hot pan.. Sorry Christian 😉 After about an hour of experimenting in the kitchen and drawing weird looks from Christian, I managed to produce a dinner of fresh pasta with mushrooms and vegestables in a spicy tomato/red wine/cream sauce kinda thing.. Which surprisingly went down well with everyone, even the sceptics! 😀 Or, at least I assume it went down well, as I received several compliments.. And well, there wasn’t anything left afterwards even if we’d cooked enough to feed 9 people and there were but six of us.. Hmm..

After dinner and a bit more red wine, we walked back to the Uboat.. Apparently by now, people had set up some sort of Singstar karaokee thing, which quickly became a huge success amongst all the drunken idiots usually populating the boat by now. Ignoring the fact that we were already pretty well licquored up, we decided to get more beers and find a table. Here we sat talking for a while, hanging out, mingling and what not.. Before someone (quite possibly me, I can’t say, not too sure about the details) got the idea that it was time to sing.. The only possible explanation I can find for this kind of behavior is that we must’ve been very, very drunk at this point.. But, at any rate, we/I went at it with such endless classics as “Love Me Tender” (one-on-one against Einar), “I Will Survive” (teaming up with Zascha), “It’s My Life” and quite possibly others as well.. Oh dear God.. Well, it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time.. Hmm.. I’m never drinking again.

At about 3 AM, Zascha, Anne, Tina and I decided that it was about time to leave.. Well, Tina needed a little convincing, but eventually she agreed. 😉 As we were leaving, I hear some guy yelling at me from out on the sidewalk, and as I look, I see Mette’s brother scaling across a wall, and tumbling into a bunch of thorn bushes. I make my way over there just as he comes tumbling back out and starts muttering something about trying to get a hold of Mette, having lost something, then suddenly realises he’s lost his shoes and stumbles back into the bushes to look for them.. Apparently 10 Cult Shakers and 10 Bacardi Breezers back to back are bad for you.. Anyways, I try to get a hold of Mette but can’t so we decide to move on and leave it for him to find his way back.

I decide to walk Tina and Anne back to Tina’s place (seeing as I forgot my camera there earlier) and then afterwards make my way home by way of one of the local junk food joints, crash into bed and sleep like a rock for about 6 hours.. After which I’m woken by a call from Emelie who’s calling to tell me that somehow Zascha’s lost her cereal, that they’re hungry and that I need to step up to the challenge and bring them food.. For some reason the mention of cereal sets something off in my brain and I go “Hey, I think I have your cereal!”, not really sure why I’d be thinking that.. Anyways, I rummage through the entire apartment and find no cereal, so I reluctantly agree to get out of bed and bring them food.

As I walk through the local supermarket in search of food, I realise that there’s some sort of free beer sampling going on, so what’s a tired boy to do but to rise at the tree at which he’s fallen and sample the goods? Right.. For the record, ales don’t taste nearly as good as they should on a morning after a night of heavy drinking.. Anyways, I manage to pick up some rolls, some butter and some cheese and quickly make my way to Zascha’s, bearing gifts.

When I show up, I’m somehow perversely thrilled to see that at least Emelie is looking a bit worse for wear than I am. At least, then, I’m not the only one feeling like crap. I throw the rolls in the oven, crash on Zascha’s bed and watch a movie with Zascha while Emelie sits or stumbles around looking like something the cat dragged in. After a while, Emelie decided to go shopping for a present for a friend and Zascha and I carry on with our movie untill Tina calls me and brags about having just bought a new phone. This sets Zascha off and she decides to also go buy a new phone. Tina offers to come pick us up and drive us to the mall and we wholeheartedly agree.. Ten minutes later, we’re on our way!

Incidently, we drive past Emelie on the way, so we stop to pick her up and we all go shopping together.. At this point we’re all about ready to drop from fatigue, so the shopping trip turns out rather crazy and weird.. We didn’t get a phone for Zascha, but we did get a laptop for Anne and Emelie did get a present for her friend.. We even managed to buy something for dinner.. Awesome! Honestly, it was all a bit of a haze. After having staggered around in a drunken haze for quite a while, Emelie, Zascha and I went back to Zascha’s, Anne went home on the train and Tina went home to catch some sleep before work.

Zascha and I quickly go back to watching movies while Emelie wraps presents and walk off to deliver the goods. After a while we prepare dinner, Emelie comes back and we all eat dinner before dragging ourselves back to the TV.. (Yea, there  was a distinct lack of energy on that day) After a few hours, Emelie has to leave to catch a train back home, so Zascha and I decide to stay back and hang out for a while.. We also decide that we haven’t ben nearly unhealthy enough, so we get Zascha’s car to go to McDonald’s, say hi to Tina and get some ice cream deserts.. Once again, it’s one of those things that just seem reasonable in a post-drunken haze. Once we get back, we dig into our ice creams and watch “Lost In Translation”, a wonderful movie starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson (and probably the best opening shot in movie history.. Umm.. Nevermind..).

After we finish the movie, Zascha seems too tired to carry on anymore, so I decide to go home, eat the remainder of my junk food from the night before and chill on the couch for a while.. Being me, I of course end up not sleeping.. Which seems to surprise Tina as she starts SMS’ing me at 5:45 to complain about this and that.. I suppose she didn’t expect me to reply 😉 Anyways, we chat for about half an hour before she asks me “Why the hell are you up, anyways?” then instructs me to get my ass the f… to bed.. So I do as I’m told and crash for a few hours.

As could be expected, I didn’t really get anything done today (Sunday).. Well, I slept in for a bit, and I walked over to Tina and helped her get her new phone to sync with her laptop.. And I did some grocery shopping, and that’s it.. Mmm.. Lazyness.. Gotta love it! 🙂


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