Cereal mystery solved!

First things first, we’ve solved the mystery of Zascha’s missing cereal! (See my weekend update if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about) Evidently, it ended up at Tina’s, and apparently there was a reason why I thought I should have it. Apparently I’d somehow throughout the night claimed possession of Zascha’s cereal (most probably when we were all leaving) and decided to make sure she’d get it the day after. Well, apparently I’d gotten as far as to Tina’s place with it, then forgotten all about it there after I picked up my camera and stuff.. The result? Tina woke up the day after with two boxes of cereal in her kitchen and no apparent idea how they’d gotten there.. Hmm.. Yea, less drinky drink next time around 😉

Today’s been somewhat up and down.. Woke up at what felt like way too early in the morning.. Actually, I woke up at 7:45 as usual, but maybe it’s the fact that I once again didn’t manage to fall asleep before 5, and that’s despite me actually staying away from caffeine the day before (save a single cup of coffee with Tina) and actually doing things to help me sleep, i.e. had a beer before bed, got off the computer and went to bed, read a book, even swallowed a few of my valerian root pills that are supposed to calm you down and make you drowsy (There you go, Mette, as we both agreed, they really don’t work!).. Hmm!

Anyways, made my way to school and fought through the first class of machine aided translation featuring a lot of interesting talk about semantics, linguistics, concord and valence.. Yes, it was every bit as interesting as it sounds. I actually nodded off for a bit during the break before I was woken by an SMS from Tina who thought it appropriate to point my attention to the fact that Volbeat had just won the price for “Best Live Act” at the Danish Metal Awards.. Fucking A!!! Actually, coming to think of it, the fact that sweet, tiny Tina would know such a thing kinda scares me 😉

I somehow made it through another class and afterwards made my way home to relax for a bit, do the dishes and clean up a bit before heading back to uni for a bar meeting at the Uboat. This was my first bar meeting since joining the fleet of bartenders and I was rather surprised to learn that it consisted mostly of just sitting around and waiting for about an hour for people to get their shit together and then spending about five minutes signing up for shifts.. Gee.. I couldn’t help but feel that I could’ve done something better with my time..

Eh, whatever, signed up for a shift on December 15th, 9 PM – midnight, so if anybody wants to see me screw things up again, do feel free to drop by! After that Zascha and I went to do some shopping for dinner.. Zascha thought what I was having for dinner sounded interesting, so she invited herself over for dinner and in return invited me over for soup tomorrow.. Seemed like a fair trade to me and it surely beats eating alone! I think the people upstairs might officially be confused now, after all they noticed that I had Tina over for dinner a few days ago and it’s not that long since Emelie was here for dinner on a Saturday, so I have a feeling that they’re growing ever so slightly curious as to what is going on.. Even if I did tell them that they’re all just friends.

Now, I’m actually pondering calling it a night pretty early tonight. After all, I haven’t really slept in the past three or so days, so maybe I’d better give it a shot once more.. Oh and I’ve also decided to get that whole getting in shape another go, so I actually went for a run for the first time in three weeks or so.. Funny how I’ve been meaning to do that for a while but then something’s always come up. Either I’ve been sick or been asked to go somewhere or do something.. Yup, about time I gave it another go.


2 responses to “Cereal mystery solved!

  1. Yeah, we got that theory about those placebo-drugs pretty much down 😀

    I wonder… You think there’s only a certain amount of sleep in the world? And the sneeky ones who are able to sleep during movies, or during classes at school(none of us has ever done that, right?) or the ones who close their eyes, just to fall off of their chairs because they driftet of for a sec, are steeling OUR amount? Sucks! 😦
    Can’t seem to sleep properly these days, haven’t had a decent amount of sleep since fall break! Maybe you and I should make a “Nightcrawlers Club”, for the ones who can’t fall asleep at night… Gamed? 😉

  2. Me? Sleeping in class? Uhh.. Never.. No.. Umm.. Err.. Maybe.. 😉 Anyways, that’s certainly an interesting theory.. 😀 As for the club, count me in!

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