Lack of updates

Well, once again it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates.. But honestly, I didn’t mean to. I’ve been gone all weekend and I really do have quite a lot to relate. Trouble is, I don’t have sufficient energy to tell about it right now. See, I was at my half-sister’s daughter’s baptism Sunday (henceforth she shall be known as Izabella (yes, with a Z..)) and apparently the main problem with throwing a huge party on an island where pretty much every other inhabitant is down with the flu is that somehow at least some of the outsiders are bound to get sick.

Naturally, I was one of them.. That was to be expected, given my usual luck and history of a poor immune defence. So the past two days have been spend mainly in the bathroom and not on anything else of importance.. Hence, I haven’t even had time for posting updates on here.. Hope to be up and about soon and to be able to keep you updated with what all happened over the weekend.


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