It’s starting to smell a lot like Christmas

December 1st, four weeks till Christmas, and I’m back in school! 😀 Wouldn’t say I’m totally well and fit for fight, but at least I don’t feel like burying myself alive anymore. Still nothing much to say on the whole personal update front, I went to work yesterday and that went reasonably well, too. I mean, three of us were coming down from some sort of sickness and by the end of the evening pretty much all of us were walking around like zombies, hitting ourselves in the head as to not fall asleep while standing.. 😉 But at least I made it!

Today will be quite a test as well. Tonight is the night of the school’s annual Christmas party and I not only have a bar shift, but I also have to set up.. and clean afterwards.. So I’d be surprised if I were to get to bed any earlier than 4 AM tonight.. Oh well, as Einar put so wisely put it several months back “We can sleep when we’re dead, right?” 😉


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