Christmas Party Galore!

As I mentioned earlier, Friday was the day of the annual school xmas party. For me this meant both a lot of fun, a lot of hard work and a bit of sickies, but all in all, and after quite a bit of fuzz, it turned into a great night!

For Zascha and I, the final preparations for the evening started at around noon-ish when we were told that the local police had rejected our liquor permit for the evening on account of the person signing our request not being at least 25 years of age.. Great way to kick off the ball! We got in Zascha’s car and drove to the police station where we got to talk to the person in charge of permits.. He turned out to be the father of a mindless bloke called Esben I used to work with back in ye olde days when I worked full time. I explained the situation to him and asked if it would be possible for me to sign it instead (me being at the ripe age of 25), he muttered something in agreement and so we quickly changed the needed data and signed the needed papers, got the much needed approval and made our way back to uni after more grumpy remarks about how we needed to hand in requests earlier the next time and what not.

With the major obstacle out of the way, we continued with our work. We had a meeting with one of the janitors so he could show me how to disconnect and move a couple of things and how to put them back in their rightful places afterwards. We were throwing the party in the school’s canteen which was to be used the day after, so it was pretty essential we got it right. After this small crash course in canteen management, we put up some decorations, moved some tables to make room for the DJ and dance floor, did a bit of planning and met with the DJ and helped him carry his equipment downstairs to where the party was to be held.. All this in just two hours.. See, we can move when we have to!

At around 3 PM, the rest of the crew arrived and we got working on putting table cloths on the tables, stocking the fridges and setting up the bar.. Which is exactly when we ran into the next major problem. We’d told our buddy Christian to order two bar sections from Carlsberg (Danish brewery and beer supplier for those who might be in doubt), but somehow he’d either made the wrong order or Carlsberg had messed up the delivery. At any rate, we only received one section.. And as we had quite a lot of floor space that needed to be covered by the bar.. Well, we had to improvise.. Something we actually did pretty well.. We got hold of some tables, a few metal slates, some extra table cloth and did some creative stacking and positioning.. The end result looked rather terrible, but served its purpose 😉

At 4 PM, we all took a break to participate in the Uboat’s annual xmas quiz. We were unable to participate with our usual crew as too many of our team members had shown up, so we had to split into two teams.. This put Christian, Tina, Tina’s friend Louise and I against Zascha, Emelie, Morten and a sweet young girl by the name of Daphne.. Well, and a bunch of other teams. Our team actually made 2nd place but lost a few important points along the way, thus coming just short of a victory.. Apparently that Jim Carrey movies is called “How the Grinch stole Xmas” and not “The Grinch who stole xmas..” DUH! By the time we’d finished the quiz and Zascha had gotten her hair done, very little needed to be done in term of preparations. We had to set up the draught beer system, the DJ needed to make final adjustments, we had to instruct the fire guard but most importantly we had to get some food.

After this had been taken care of, it was time to get things under way! I had the first shift in the door along with a happy fellow named Vuffe and Emelie’s friend, Lasse, who served as fire guard. Actually, this was supposed to be Tina’s shift, but I’d opted to cover for her as she needed to get home and have her hair done up and stuff. Either way, absolutely nothing happened in the first hour so it’s not like I stressed out from doing her a favor or anything. It wasn’t actually till around 8-9 PM that things started to get under way, but that’s okay.. Vuffe, Lasse and I had a blast goofing around in the door, dancing around, having weird conversations, coming up with alternative xmas decorations, the lots.. And when people started showing up, we only had more fun. I actually ended up manning the door from 7 – 11 PM when I was more or less forcefully removed and put behind the bar with Zascha and Tina instead.

Lots of fun was had behind the bar as well, it was more or less one of those come and go as you please kinda things, so I had the pleasure of both Tina, Zascha, Emelie and Anne’s company during my shift.. Oh and I got to goof around with a lot of drunken “customers” as well.. I even got a kiss under the mistletoe, though I suspect that only happened because Tina was (for God knows which time that evening) trying to get rid of some obnoxious guy. At around 0:30 AM, I started feeling the effects of working some 12 hours straight after not giving my body enough time to heal after almost a week of being sick, so I arranged with the girls to cover for me a bit while I went and got some fresh air, a coke (yes, I drank bloody coke, that should give you an indication as to how beside myself I was feeling at the time) and spend a little time just mingling and talking to my friends. I ran into Morten and Christian whom I’d been wanting to talk to all evening, sadly I was a tad too late as the gents were now a little too drunk to make much sense.. Oh bummer. It was also around this time that I ran into Iben who strangely enough was also trying to get away from some guy, so she came and sat on my lap for a while and very expertly informed me that I was burning up.. Thank you, as if I didn’t know 😉

Oh well, there was still work to be done, so at around 1 AM, I went back to help out behind the bar and I pretty much stayed there, helping out, till the party ended at just past 2 AM. At this point you’d think we’d be heading for some well deserved rest but no-no, this marked the beginning of our cleaning session.. Which meant we’d have to get all the empty bottles collected and accounted for, empty the fridges, sweep the floors, get the table cloths and what not off the tables, pull down the bar and get all the canteen equipment and tables  back in their rightful places. Thankfully, we had quite a bit of manpower (and womanpower for that matter) to pull on, so we managed to finish at around 3:30.

When we were done, Emelie, Tina, Christian, Morten and I made it back to Tina’s place to grab some stuff and for them to get something to eat (I was still feeling like crap, so I couldn’t even eat the free slice of pizza I was offered.. Boo!), then hailed a cab and went home to my place. The original idea was that Morten and Chirstian would be sleeping at my place, but since Zascha wasn’t around to offer Emelie a place to sleep, Emelie had joined us as well. Tina didn’t feel one bit like being left out, so despite having a place to sleep at in Kolding, she decided to join us as well.. The result? All FIVE of us were to sleep at my place and eat breakfast together the morning after.. Eh, no problem, the more the merrier! 😀

So, how did we manage? Well, the guys and gals were drunk and I wasn’t feeling too hot because of my condition so our logic was a little flawed.. We figured we’d make it a social thing, so rather than sticking me and another person in my bed and letting the others sleep on the couch or the floor of the living room, we opted to just all sleep in the living room.. A pretty complicated ordeal as anyone who knows the size of my living room will testify. The end result was that we ended up removing some of the pillows from the couch, stuck Emelie on there and then the rest of us would sprawl out on the floor in our sleeping bags.. This turned out rather disastrous as while I’m sure neither Christian nor I minded having Tina sandwiched between us, I’m sure neither Morten nor I liked the idea of him and I pretty much being pushed into a bit of forceful spooning .. The end result is that Morten retreated to the couch next to Emelie and left the floor to Christian, Tina and I.. Ah yes, gotta love those drunken 5 AM logistics.. After a bit of laughing at the silliness and idiocy of it all as well as snapping a few pictures, we finally went to bed. Or well, the others did.. Staying true to tradition, I couldn’t sleep which meant that I laid around for a while listening to the other four snoring (quite funny as all of them had at some point earlier stated that they hoped nobody would snore).

After a while of laying around, burning up, trying not to cough, sneeze or blow my nose loudly as to not wake up the others, I realized that I’d probably fail, so I decided to just get up, make my way quietly to my bedroom and do a bit of reading (more Hemmingway), nose blowing and other interesting activities. I eventually fell asleep and slept for two hours before getting back up to shop for and prepare breakfast for the bunch.. Ohh, another zombie day in the making 😉


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