A series of unfortunate events

Today’s been a day pretty much like any other.. But of course, in my life, even a day like any other poses some sort of confusion.. I’ve been really good at sleeping in lately – a lot of people will be happy to hear that! But what, you may ask, has this got to do with confusion? Well, turns out it’s rather confusing to wake up at 11:30 when you’re absolutely certain that you set your alarm clock for 10 AM and actually remember the alarm going off.. Oh well, evidently 8 hours of sleep does the body good 🙂

The day was supposed to be devoted to more linguistics.. A plan that went reasonably well, but naturally not without complications. It started out pretty well with me going through our professor’s notes and doing a bit of reading in one of my books. As I turned ot another book, though, I found out that I evidently had the wrong volume, a fact which posed a bit of a problem because I was not only unable to read the proper chapters, I’ve also heard that the book is out of print from the publisher.. Ergh!

So that’s why I made my way down to uni at about 2 PM in the hope that our professor had left a master copy of the book at the library so I could somehow get copies of the chapters I needed. On the way I ran into Zascha (and Morten) who pointed out that only I would become aware of such a fact only weeks before the exam.. Thanks, as if I didn’t know that! 😉 Anyways, the library didn’t have the book, so I suppose I’ll have to make do with the notes that I have.. At least I got to talk to Zascha and Morten, see Zascha’s new mobile phone (SE W810i, represent!) and well, I got to walk Morten downtown to catch a bus, so at least the trip wasn’t all wasted.

Later I decided that I’d been laying around for quite long enough and that I needed some exercise – it’s been more than a week now! So.. I went for a run, or well.. tried to. This turned out to be the another activity that wasn’t ready to go quite according to plan. It all started off well, got off to a flying start, you wouldn’t even think that I hadn’t been doing any running for two weeks. I even had a nice, little, old lady cheer me on as I dashed by her which gave me somewhat of a boost. "You go, my little friend! Exercise will do your body good," she yelled as I ran by.. I’m not sure why, but I always get a laugh out of tiny, old ladies calling me "little friend!" I know they’re like twice my age and more, but it still sounds ridiculous when I’m twice their height and what not 😉

Anyways, the words of encouragement kept me going for a while until I hit a wall created by exhaustion, lack of general fitness and the remnants of the killer cold from hell, forcing me to slow to a slow jog and give up the illusion of being in the best shape of my life.. Oh well, some day, some day, I’ll be back in shape.. I sincerely hope! It just wasn’t gonna be today.. 😉 Which is the main reason why I’m now back under the covers.. The other reason being that this way, at least I can’t have any more bad luck..

See, just a few minutes ago, I tried to make myself a cup of tea.. Tina keeps bugging me to drink more camomile tea until I start feeling better.. And I do, coz a) I don’t want my arse kicked and b) I’d really love to start feeling better, preferably soon! I’m not at all a fan of camomile tea, so my mom brought me a tea blend which I’m drinking instead and which is actually quite good (a mix of camomile, black tea and other flavors).. Anyways, I tried making myself a cup of tea and for the second time in a few months I end up pouring boiling water over myself.. Geeze.. Yes, Tina, I know you’re not impressed.. And yes, Tina, I will learn from my mistakes.. Eventually! 😉

So yea, hiding under the covers now for the rest of the day.. That way nothing bad will happen.. Right? 😀


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