Master Limp Bizkit!

Okay, admittedly you’d probably have to be part of the Uboat crew to make head or tails of that headline.. Here goes an attempt at explaining anyways: When we were participating in the Xmas quiz at the Uboat last Friday, one of the teams who entered called themselves “Master Linguistics” (Let’s for a moment disregard the fact that they should’ve clearly used the term “Master Linguists” and managed to mess up the past tense of “to think” on one occasion) which was mispronounced by the quiz master as “Master Limp Bizkit” – It was really one of those things where you’d have had to be there to really appreciate the joke.. Anyways, the reason I was reminded of this was because I started studying for my exams today, and the one thing that’s currently taking up all my time is.. Linguistics.. Yay!

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I really, really, really hate linguistics.. Probably more so than I hate Limp Bizkit, i.e. a lot! But yea, that’s what I’m doing now.. And probably what I’ll be doing until my exam which will be on December 21st. Hey, at least I’ll have plenty of time to prepare.. I hope!

The day actually got off to a pretty weird start.. Emelie started SMS’ing me at about 1 AM in the morning, telling me that she’d just gotten started on an assignment which was to be handed in some ten hours later.. Good girl! After some writing back and forth with Emelie, I got a message from Tina at 2:44 – apparently she just wanted to say goodnight! (Don’t get me wrong here, super sweet of her.. But who else but me go to bed at 2:44 on a Monday?)  By the time Zascha began writing me at 7 AM, I finally concluded that evidently I’m not the only person in this town with weird sleeping habits.

After all the late nigh/early morning messaging, I fell asleep again and slept till around noon when Iben woke me with an SMS joke involving Bailey’s Irish Cream and sexual innuendo.. Hmm.. Anyways, perfect timing.. Got up, had breakfast and got cracking on the linguistics.. Did that for about five hours until my head started spinning a bit too much and decided to call it a day. Decided to cook myself a nice dinner of marinated beef, stir fried veggies and fried rice.. Haven’t had Chinese in ages, so it really hit the spot.. And apparently people think I should cook for them on a regular basis, so better brush up on those skills, right? 😉

With dinner out of the way, I decided to go do something else I hadn’t done for a while, so I went and bothered Iben for a few hours.. Her internet has been out for a few days, so she was kinda going crazy from withdrawal, so I figured she could use some company. Turned out she was happy to see me as well, so we just kinda hung out for a few hours talking and watching a bit of TV.. Actually we did so for quite a few hours.. Actually, I just got back.. And it’s what 0:30 AM? And the poor thing has work tomorrow.

I suppose I’ll better get ready to go to bed myself, I’ll have a whole bunch of linguistics waiting to keep me company tomorrow.. Oh, that’s right, one more thing.. Today I also remembered just why I hate studying for exams.. It’s such a  dull activity! 😛


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