The ever so common cold..

I was woken by Iben this morning. She sent me an SMS to tell me that she had a cold and was staying home from work.. Hope she didn’t get it from me! We’d agreed she’d write me if it happened and if I had the time, I’d come hang out and keep her company. Sadly, I didn’t have the time today, but she wasn’t really feeling up for anything, so I guess it didn’t matter anyways.

After I got out of bed, I went to get some ingredients for dinner (had Tina and Zascha coming over), on the way, I got an SMS from my mother saying she’d been driving home from the funeral of a neighbour she’d been attending and had gotten involved in an accident. Luckily, nothing had happened to her, but it got me thinking.. Exactly 2 years ago (to the date) I’d gotten run over myself and damn well nearly got banged up pretty good in the process (I still can’t believe I was able to walk away from it!).. Now today she writes me and tells me she had a narrow escape from a major accident.. Hmm.. Really, what are the odds?

Later that afternoon, Zascha came over.. Turned out she’d rather do her homework here than at home which suited me just fine as I wasn’t really doing anything after all – well, except linguistics, but who cares? She’d brought a bottle of wine for dinner which we sampled and then immediately dumped down the drain.. Must’ve gone bad or something. What a terrible waste! Anyways, I had a bottle just like it which we uncorked and it went down a lot better. We were soon joined by Tina who had also brought some homework and a cold of her own. So that made for two of us with killer colds and one Zascha heading rapidly down hill.. To make matters worse, all of us were really tired, too, so well.. You can imagine how ridiculously battered we must’ve looked and how ridiculously silly we acted.

All of us were pretty hungry, too, so it wasn’t long before I started cooking dinner for the ladies. It went pretty well, too, this time.. I mean, I set the kitchen on fire once and apparently it’s not a good idea to put your finger in a red hot wok.. But stuff like that is to be expected from me. After dinner, Tina helped me with the dishes, an activity that ended in an all out brawl when I added soap to the water a little too quickly, causing it to foam up violently and inspiring a foam battle between Tina and I, leaving the two of us covered in foam, and the floor soaked with water.. Sometimes being five years old again is just so refreshing 😉

After dishes and dessert it was time for a bit of watching pictures from past parties and events, talking and geeking about with our phones – all three of us have matching phones now which is kinda weird – but also kinda funny coz we spend a lot of time sending pictures back and forth over bluetooth and what not.. In the end, we were all so tired that we were babbling incoherently and not making any sense, yet laughing at pretty much everything that was said, so it was mercifully decided to just call it a night.. So the girls went home, leaving me to finish the last glass of wine before bed.. How very considerate of them!

Can’t help but think I should’ve spend the day studying, but oh well.. This seemed like a much better way to spend the day after all 😉


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