Saturday was to be the one day to top all the others of the weekend.. Something that was be going to prove tough, but we’d do our best. Ricki had written me an SMS on Friday, asking if I’d be interested in having a few beers and a bottle of Morgan with him and his girlfriend on Saturday night.. And what kinda friend would I be to say no? Especially since he had a funeral to attend Saturday afternoon and I figured he could probably need some good company and cheerful spirit on the evening.

As it turned out, Ricki picked me up pretty much straight after the funeral and we went to get some fried chicken from a local take-out place.. His treat! (man, everybody are spoiling me lately!) Immediately afterwards, we headed back to his place and got our eat on.. And our drink on! We quickly dug into the chicken and into Ricki’s growing collection of metal songs.. Yup, Dunkel and I have really taught him well! After a few beers and a bit of mean metal, we decided to watch the ever so popular DVD-documentary about Danish rock legends “Gasolin'”.. Which resulted in Ricki’s girlfriend giving us a lot of rather weird looks when she arrived and we were well into our 5th beer and already singing along to various songs with whatever voice we could muster.

Oh well, she probably ended up having a pretty good laugh on our behalf.. Not the first time that has happened and probably not the last time it will ever happen. Ricki had made the mistake of telling me that his girlfriend, Camilla, actually thought I was a really nice guy, so in an effort to change that impression, I had a go of her most of the evening, calling her names and teasing her best as I could. Can’t have been too mean, though, because she still allowed Ricki and I to split the bottle of Morgan rum she’d brought.. Something that put us in an even better and/or weirder mood.

After a few hours of sitting around, Ricki dragged us along to another party that his other friend Johan was at.. Which turned out to be rather dull, though, so we once again set sail for downtown Kolding. I’d paid the cab ride to the other party, so Camilla offered to cover my admission fee at a local club.. Adding this to the fact that we were to meet up with Ricki’s cousin who had promised to keep us covered with drinks, it looked like I was about to have a cheap night out on the town.

We met up with Ricki’s cousin outside the club and he proved to be a stand up guy. Ricki had just met him for the first time at the funeral and they were looking to get some sort of contact going. Cousin I-never-quite-did-catch-his-name was currently stationed in Iraq as part of the Danish peace keeping (or occupational, if you will) force, but was looking to get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible. He made good money, though, and as a nice gesture quickly got hold of a bottle of Captain Morgan and four glasses. We had a pretty good time drinking half-and-half Morgan and coke for a while until the bottle had suddenly disappeared.

Admittedly, by this time my mind was getting a bit cloudy, but I registered that Camilla’s sister’s boyfriend who had apparently joined us by now started handing around some sort of funny looking red shots that were shared with great pleasure.. By this time, things were getting a little out of control even by the standards that Ricki and I usually set forth, so I figured I’d slow down a little.. I didn’t have much luck with this plan, though, as Ricki and his cousin immediately afterwards showed up with an entire bottle of shots that they’d found somewhere.

I don’t think this bode well for anybody, though I can’t say for sure.. My absolute last memory is of pouring shots from the bottle.. And then I really don’t remember anything except waking up the next morning without a pillow but with one of my shoes standing next to me, colored a shade of hot pink and a rather perplexed look on my face.. *sigh* Will he ever learn? I wrote an SMS to Ricki who replied back that he was equally busted and didn’t even remember the last bottle.. So at least I wasn’t alone in my misery.

I also wrote to Iben who replied that she was just lying around on the couch and had just gotten hold of the new Rammstein Live DVD, so it was a pretty easy call for me to go bother her once I regained the use of my legs 😉 I ended up spending all day and night laying around on Iben’s couch, catching up on some sleep, watching the concert and catching a bit of NFL action later on in the evening. She even cooked me dinner (did I mention yet, that I’m spoiled silly?).. So that’s how I spend my Sunday.. Or well, parts of it anyways. As it turned out, it was a pretty bad idea to catch some spontaneous shut-eye on the couch, or well, at least I assume that’s the reason why I couldn’t sleep at all when I got home, so I ended up laying around till about 5 AM, tossing and turning in bed before finally falling asleep.

Luckily, I didn’t have to get up early the next morning and all I had to do Monday (that is today) was to pack up my stuff and get ready for my English grammar exam tomorrow morning.. A five hour ordeal that I really just want to get out of the way. Had the pleasure of spending the afternoon and evening with Zascha and Tina who came over after they’d spend some time at uni printing some notes for the exam. The time was spend geeking around on our laptops, eating dinner, watching a bit of TV and eventually laughing our asses off at Eddie Izzard’s “Dress To Kill” show.. Easily my favorite stand-up comedian ever.. They just don’t come any better than that.

I suppose now it’s time for me to catch some shut-eye before the exam tomorrow. Can’t wait to get that out of the way! So, goodnight, guys and gals.. I’m off to bed before midnight for a change.


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