Thursday night is vodka night!

Thursday kicked off a little earlier than expected. Bo woke me with a phone call at around 10 AM asking if I were home and if I’d be so kind as to get my ass out of bed and out the door in about 15 minutes as he had some people coming over to take a look at the house. By some stroke of luck, I actually managed to do just this and less than 15 minutes later, I was out the door packing my laptop, school bag and a large frown. Being the whiner that I am, I wrote the girls up to complain about being so horribly mistreated. Iben offered absolutely no comfort as she was pissed herself about getting up for work at 6:30 and really didn’t think I had anything to complain about. Emelie, on the other hand offered her sympathies for me being so abruptly pulled out of bed so early in the morning (I knew I could count on the sleepyhead for sympathy!) and Tina went so far as to insist that I come over and keep her company now that I couldn’t stay at home – best idea I’d heard all morning!

I arrived safely at Tina’s within minutes and she commenced to force feed me breakfast and coffee (yes, I’m spoiled!). The poor thing had a German exam the next day, so much of the day was spend watching German tv, her reading German news articles aloud for me.. And a bit of Finnish polka.. I think it goes without saying that only people like us could manage to turn such activities into a really enjoyable experience! and I actually ended up spending most of the day at Tina’s before heading home at around 4 PM to grab some food and a shower before heading to the Uboat to return a key that had mysteriously popped out of Emelies bra during last weekends infamous sleepover.. No, I’m not making this up!

As it turned out, I could’ve probably skipped the shower as I got caught in a rain shower on the way to the Uboat.. Oh well, only made me that much happier to get to the Uboat and meet up with Tina and Emelie who Zascha had apparently talked into tag along with her. We were soon joined by Zascha, Anne and a couple of Xmas brews. We got to talking about how I didn’t really understand that some people had developed some sort of jealousy issue towards me to which Tina asked if I’d looked at myself lately and how I’m basically drowning in female attention while the people in question seemed to have a hard time getting even one of “my girls” to like them.. Hmm.. Admitted, she might have a point there! 😉

I’d have loved to stay and chat, but speaking of female attention, I had to get on my way as I’d promised Iben I’d join her for her guitar lesson at Dunkel’s, so I had to be on my way. When I arrived at Dunkel’s, I saw that Mads was there – two surprise visitors on one day.. And I immediately figured out that the four beers I’d brought for the evening probably wouldn’t be enough. So, I cut a deal with Dunkel and traded a few beers at the Uboat in return for some vodka. My remaining beers I gave to Iben, a move which really confused Robert (who had just arrived).. In his world, he was unable to understand why somebody would give away free beers. When we explained to him, though, that it was done in response to her spoiling me with free pepsis and dinners, he understood.. And once again I became the target of some amount of jealousy 😉

This is the time where I’d love to say we had a nice, quiet evening with no irresponsible drinking acts or weird events.. But then I’d be lying, right? The truth is that Iben never got to play much guitar, but instead quite a large amount of alcohol was consumed. I honestly don’t remember the details, but apparently I struck gold with my deal with Dunkel as I ended up consuming a bottle of vodka.. Whooops! As a result, I don’t really remember getting home that night, but apparently I made it, as I woke up in my own bed the next morning. Which is more than could be said about Robert who apparently got lost on his way home and had to call for directions.. And, really, the only thing he has to do to get home from Dunkel is to walk straight down the road for about 700 meters.


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