Warming up for Saturday

I can’t say I was too thrilled to get up Friday morning. From what I’d been able to piece together, I made it home at around 1:30 AM and had to get back up at 8:30 to be out the door by the time the next batch of wannabe house owners showed up to take a look at the house. I ended up spending the time taking care of some stuff at uni and doing some shopping, after which I went home and crashed on the couch for a few hours before heading back to uni for an evaluation of the Xmas party and an unexpected Uboat quiz where we delivered the worst performance I’ve ever made in any of the quizzes I’ve taken part in.. 9 correct answers out of 32 questions.. 😉 Then again, we weren’t really planning to enter a team so only Tina, Louise, Anne and I took part.

Zascha turned up just in time to have a laugh at our horrible performance and after she got her breath back, we went to the mall to shop for a present for Tina and a few other minor things.. But seeing as Tina is also reading this blog, I guess I shouldn’t go into details about that particular activity. So yea, let’s skip that and just say that I had to work that evening, so once we were done, I headed home to get some food and wind down a little before I was picked up by Ricki who was also working that evening. I won’t waste time going into details about my shift as it was probably the most boring shift I’ve ever had. Especially now that we apparently have a new SMS policy at work, stating that we’re not allowed to use our phones while working – apparently, though, there’s nothing wrong with just standing around talking while there’s stuff to be done whereas using phones while actually doing work at the same time is a big no-no.. Bullcrap!

We got off work about 15 minutes early but it still felt like the longest shift ever. The extra time was spend by having a beer together before heading home.. Apparently it was to be the first of many beers that evening.. By the stroke of midnight, we were out the door. Ricki gave me a lift down to the Uboat but unfortunately couldn’t join us. Oh well, I had Tina, Zascha, Dunkel, Mads, Louise and Iben to keep me company.. All of whom were nicely sloshed by the time I showed up, so I had to set quite a crazy pace in an attempt to keep up.

We pretty quickly got started on one of Dunkel’s crazy drinking games so it wasn’t long before I, too, was starting to get rather happy faced (and affectionate, I’m told! 😉 ). Things didn’t improve too much when Zascha asked me to share about a dozen shots with her in an effort to cheer her up a little. I’m not sure I succeeded in cheering her up, but I did succeed in making her sleepy, so eventually I had to call for a cab for her. Right after I’d made the call, we went outside to get some fresh air and wait for the cab.. Which decided to arrive about 30 seconds later.. Or so we thought. Apparently someone else named Per had also called for a cab, but as he wasn’t there, I decided to go on a drunken rant about being a gentleman and taking the lady home. It must’ve worked because he agreed to take her home.. Well, that or he just wanted to shot me the hell up.

Rather than doing the responsible, sane thing and go home with Zascha, I decided to head back inside and party on.. A decision that somehow landed me behind the bar with Dunkel and some crazy caps.. A place I occupied for about an hour or so until the clock passed 4 AM (or thereabouts) and I decided it was probably time to go home, so I went staggering through downtown Kolding.. Then suddenly decided, I had to pee, so I went to a club that was about to close down to use their rest room. On my way out, I ran into an English speaking gentleman who convinces me to go to some other club.. Having just met the fellow and not knowing left from right by now, I decided that going with him seemed the only reasonable thing to do.

We made it to the other club at around 5-ish, I think and I made my way to the bar to get a drink.. As if I really needed it! Anyways, we decide that the place is a bit dead and as they’re about to close down anyways, we settle on a last outrageous act before the night is over. I can’t explain the reasoning behind it, but apparently we end the evening about five or six man strong on the dance floor, in our boxers, singing along to a Danish rock tune.. Once again, it seemed like the only reasonable thing to do.. Hmm. Strangely enough, the decide to close down the place immediately after our little act, so I dragged my poor, beaten body home and crashed on my bed for a few merciful hours.


6 responses to “Warming up for Saturday

  1. That’s quite a night you had there… Impressed with the fact that you could remember so much 🙂

  2. Actually, I’m quite surprised as well.. 😉 *sigh* Some day I’ll learn to control myself, I’m sure.. 😛

  3. Ganske brugbar druk i båden i fredags! Det må vi hellere prøve igen engang!

    Synes selv at det var ret godt klaret at både Justin og Einer var stivere end mig 😉

  4. Nu mener jeg så, det var dig der sad og sov oppe i baren til sidst.. Og hverken Justin eller Einar. Men okay, var jævnt stiv, kan vel huske forkert.. 😉

  5. Tror JEG i hvert fald på 😀

  6. Okay, jeg omformulerer mig: Efter at have været i båden i 1 times tid, var jeg ikke den stiveste (endnu)!

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