One down, three to go!

Woo! Had my first 5th semester exam today.. This means that unless something went horribly wrong, I’m not officially done with English Grammar for the remainder of my school years! Woo-fucking-hoo! 😀

The exam for me meant having to get up at 7 AM, something I haven’t really been used to for the past couple of weeks.. And something that became even more difficult considering how screwed up my sleep patterns have been for the past few days.. But oh well, I made it, got up, showered had breakfast and went to uni where I met up with Zascha and Tina at 8:15. At 8:30 we entered our respective computer labs and at 11 AM, I’d about finished my exam. I started looking around and saw everybody still typing away and felt a bit embarrassed about leaving so early, so I went through my assignment a few more times, found nothing to correct and eventually decided to print and leave as one of my class mates started to stir and get ready to leave.

As I headed out, I wrote an SMS to Emelie, beaming with prode at my accomplishment and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was actually in Kolding on that day, so we got to hang out and talk for a while until the others had finished and I could check up on how they did. After talking to everybody for a while, it was time to head home and get cracking on linguistics once again whoopee!

So, as you can see, nothing too interesting happened that day.. Well, except maybe from me being caught literally with my pants down by a real estate broker and a young couple wanting to take a look at the house.. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.


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