A rare update

Holy crap has life been busy lately? I’ve been wanting to post an update for days now, but just haven’t had the time or mental capacity to do so. A few off-days last weekend aside, my life has mostly been devoted to linguistics and work.. Not my two favorite things in the world, should you be wondering. Linguistics have been coming along quite nicely, I hope, though I still don’t have enough faith in myself that I’ll excel this test in any way or form.. My friends have had to slap me around a few times, telling me to get a grip on myself and stop panicking.. It’s worked reasonably well. At any rate, I haven’t panicked in a few days and at least now I’m filled with some sense of accomplishment. I’ve done whatever I can to prepare and now I’ll just have to do my best at the exam tomorrow.

Work has been.. Interesting.. They’re expanding the terminal we work at so the past few months have been a right mess. They’ve once more limited our floor space and it’s now at a point where we have to struggle to make it past eachother when we’re moving stuff around. The number of work related injuries have surged as a result (no great surprise there!); one co-worker hit his head on one of the new conveyor belts, another drove into a wall and walked away with a concussion.. And then there’s me, I got run down by one of my colleagues with a fork lift. Luckily, my injuries were minor, my body hurts like fuck all, though, but I suppose that’s to be expected when getting in the way of a couple of tons of solid steel.. See, the great thing about there being no space to work on is that he really had no way of picking up speed before hitting me, so he just sorta knocked me over and then that was it.

As a funny side note, I guess it goes to show that you’re a little too accident prone when none of your friends seem even remotely surprised when you write them at 0:20 in the morning on a Tuesday asking how to get blood stains off your clothing. So yea, that was work.. Fun! They did give me a nice Xmas present, though, a choice between a weekend stay, mini cruise or dinner for two.. Lovely, now I just gotta figure out who the other person should be. 😉

Like I mentioned, my linguistics exam is tomorrow.. A 9 AM – 2 PM written ordeal.. Will be good to get that out of the way, hopefully I’ll pass, too, that’d be awesome! After that I’m off to Tina’s to start studying for my next exam.. Economics, here I come! Finally, that night I’m going over to Iben’s for a bit of hanging out and relaxing after a day well spent.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I’ll better get started on that whole present thing on the 22nd, haven’t had time to do that yet, so I’d better get it done before heading off to Nyborg to celebrate Xmas with my dad and his family on the 23rd. On the morning on the 24th, it’s back to Kolding on a morning train and then a long ass drive down south to spend Christmas eve with my mom and grandmother. Finally, on the 25th, I should be back home and ready to get cracking on economics full time.

Hmm.. And I was wondering why I was feeling a little stressed out? 😉


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