New Years Eve Revisited

The last day of the year was to start out as somewhat of a bloodbath for Christian and I. I’d had the girls and Christian over the night before, and Christian decided to crash on my couch as we were supposed to party together on New Year’s eve anyways. Zascha had brought a 5 pound roast that her mother had donated (Thank you, Helle, we love you!) and Christian and I, in our infinite wisdom, had gathered that lest we left the roast out of the fridge, it would never defrost in due time.. So, we left it in a plastic bag on the stove until the day after.

Now, I’m quite new in the roast business, but apparently when you do something like that with a piece of meat of this size, you’re supposed to leave it in a bowl or something similar.. Anyways, I woke up the next morning with my kitchen looking like THIS – ahem, yea, luckily we had a few minutes before Tina and Zascha showed up for breakfast and studying so we managed to clean most of it right up.. You live, you learn..

After breakfast, we got cracking on some case work for our economics exam, an activity which involved a scary amount of coffee and a number of ridiculous caffeine fueled jokes and other crazyness.. After a couple of hours of total work, we decided to just call it quits and got a game of Trivial Pursuit under way. Incidently, this coincided pretty well with Emelie deciding to show up at around 3 PM with a couple of pizzas, soup and what have you for lunch.. Ah yes, the feast was about to begin.. Actually, I only just managed to finish my lunch before starting on dinner. Christian and I kicked off by peeling about 2 kgs of potatoes, slicing them up and covering them with a liter of cream.. Y’know, being health conscious as always. Christian then showered and I got cracking on peeling and slicing carrots, cutting up mushrooms and wrapping little bundles of green beans in bacon (yea, I finally found a way to make Christian eat his veggies).. By the time I got around to cutting up the veggies that would add flavor to the roast, I was starting to think that maybe I was in a bit over my head with the whole cooking thing. I mean, I was doing sorta okay, but had already put an hour into cooking and hadn’t even gotten the roast under way yet, instead I’d been so caught up in everything else that I’d actually managed to cut myself and not even notice before I had to discard of a mushroom because it’d gotten horribly blood stained.. Typical! At least by now, I’d opened up a bottle of chardonnay to pour a little by the carrots so at least I had a glass of wine to help calm me down and dull the pain 😉

Pain seemed to become the keyword of my cooking session. I’d gotten the creamed potatoes and the carrots in the oven without problems but once I tried to add the bacon wrapped green beans, I messed up and burned three of my knuckles on one of the metal trays.. Doh! As if that wasn’t enough, I also managed to stick my pinky finger into the pan in which the roast was simmering away, but I’m happy to report that besides from that, the cooking of the roast went without problems.. It was mostly the oven causing me problems.. Especially near the end when we were getting ready to pack everything up and head down to Tina’s to eat (I don’t currently own a dining table) and Johan neglects to consider the fact that an oven proof dish which has been standing in a 200 degree C hot oven for about 45 minutes is actually quite hot – and decides to grab it using his fucking fingers.. Stresss + cooking = trouble! As a result, I spend most of the night walking around with a blackened, sore index finger.. Yes, I’m a moron sometimes!

After quickly packing up the cars, a short trip, a U-turn back to get my fancy shoes and another quick trip, we made it to Tina’s where the girls and Christian set the table while I changed into my suit, we then cut out the roast and tugged into our well deserved feast of roast beef, potatoes, veggies and plenty of quality wine 🙂 We then listened to a bit of music, chatted for a while and drank a bit more red wine before our cabs came to pick us up at 9. We’d arranged to go to a party downtown with a bunch of our Uni friends. Emelie and Zascha had to pick up a few other friends ouf ours on the way there, so Christian, Tina and I grab one cab and they grab another. I call the choice on cabs, deciding on the Audi over the BMW, turns out I might’ve made a wise choice there. Our cabbie turned out to be really nice and quite talkative and I end up tipping him 50-some percent.. Quite a nice idea, too, it turns out, as I notice the moment I get out that I’ve dropped my phone.. Way to go! Tina gives it a call, the cabbie answers and she actually convinces him to drive on back and hand it to me.. Nicely done!

A few minutes later, Emelie and Zascha show up, bringing along Kristoffer and Lene who actually know where the party is. Together we make our way inside and are greeted by a bunch of familiar faces from the Uboat. We pretty quickly got our drink on and go back to our previous activities which among other things involved taking pictures of Emelie’s and Tina’s cleavages (it’s better not to ask!) and activity which seems to draw a few odd looks. I also managed to once again embarrass Tina in her pretty new dress by starting a poll of whether or not she looks totally hot in it.. It was her own damn fault, though, she could’ve refrained from poking fun of me once more just because I rather openly blurted out the day before that she looked fucking hot in it when she was trying it on 😉

As the clock gets closer and closer to midnight, more and more people show up. I had a kick-ass time just chilling and talking to people, sharing a quality brew with some guy who just happened to sit next to me and found out I liked quality beers.. I even took it upon me to try and control the music and on more than one occasion I managed to dance around all crazy like.. Oh and I also received a few more bruises because of a sudden urge to wrestle a bit with Kristoffer, an activity that went pretty smoothly the first time when I actually managed to take him down and apparently was drunk enough to withstand his attempts of trying to make me submit. Apparently, though, I crashed down on my own kneecap when taking him down which resulted in quite a bit of pain the day after.. Oh and as far as I recall, I got my ass handed to me in the rematch later that evening.

Shortly before midnight, we made our way onto the roof to watch the fireworks while sipping champagne and what have you. Crazy-assed, drunken Wuffe even brought some fireworks of his own that he lit on the other side of the roof (which effectively meant like five meters away from the rest of us.. Good call!), but other than that slight scare, and the fact that it was raining cats and dogs, it was all actually pretty cosy. Apparently there was some agreement that it was okay to kiss left and right during this particular evening at any rate I ended up getting snogged by two different girls, who actually both had boyfriends, much to my own confusion and under loud objections. (yes, a guy objecting to being kissed, there’s a first for everything) Adding to that a couple of smooches from Emelie and Tina, I suppose my fears of not getting a New Year’s kiss this year were put to shame 😉

After midnight, I once again reached the point where details started to get sorta sketchy.. I remember more partying, dancing, Anderson puking, his girlfriend, Ana, being even more drunk, an epic rematch with Kristoffer.. And being really, really tired.. So tired, actually, that I decided that it was probably time to go home.. It was now around 2 AM or so, and I thought I’d had a pretty good night and was ready for some sleep.. Life had other plans for me, though.. I was actually pretty well on my way home when I suddenly realize that hey, I think Dunkel lives around here.. Wonder if his party is still going.. I call up Iben, she confirms that they’re still at it so I decide in my drunken wisdom to head on by.. Here I run into Dunkel, Marianne, Iben, Mads, Under and some guy named Claus. Shortly after my arrival, I’m pretty surprised to see Ricki and his girlfriend, Camilla, show up.. But oh well, the more the merrier! I manage to score a few drinks from someone and we proceed to go crazy for a few hours.. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever headbanged in suit before 😉

After a few hours, we’d reached a point where Mads had thrown up all over himself, people were sleeping in the corners and things just generally didn’t make sense anymore, so I decide to walk Iben home and then head back myself.. Errm, at least I think that’s what happened.. I don’t really remember the last part, but I woke up in my bed the morning after, so yea..


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