9’s and 10’s all around!

Weird.. So, today was the day that we finally got the results of our English grammar exam.. Err.. And amazingly enough, the five friends scored the exact same grade! Or well, more or less. The exam was a two-part thing, one translation from Danish into English and one from English into Danish. Tina, Zascha and Christian scored a 10 on their Danish into English translation and a 9 on their English into Danish. I scored a 9 on my Danish into English, and a 10 on English to Danish and so did Morten.

The fact alone that I scored a 10 on my translation into Danish is fucking weird as I pretty much suck at Danish.. The fact that all five of us scored basically the same grades is just plain, fucking freaky. I guess we really have been spending TOO much time together lately. 😉

What else has been going on? Well, still having fun with my exams. I’ve decided I really don’t give a damn about economics, so I’ve pretty much stopped caring about doing things too thoroughly.. So, yeah, my exam next Tuesday should be fun! That’s about it for right now, really. Except for some really great evenings with my study buddies, there’s nothing too interesting to relate about studying for exams.

The Danish Grading Scale (for those confused by the above)


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