The luck of the Johan

So, we’re half a week into the new year and so far it’s been, well, kinda weird for me! It occurred  to me today while trying to step down from Tina’s loft and accidentally bumping my toe against a chair that this was the only small piece of bad luck I’d had throughout all of the new year! How weird is that? I mean, I’m always bumping into things all over the place and getting myself in all sorts of trouble.. But not so far this year!

It would appear, though, that our dear Lord works in mysterious ways and whatever bad luck hasn’t fallen upon me seems to have hit my friends ten-fold. Let’s try and re-cap: On New Years morning, Emelie has her phone stolen, Mette loses her wallet and keys,  and Christian manages to hit himself in the eye with a stray bottle cap. Later that day, we realize that Zascha has had one of her side view mirrors broken off by some drunken idiot and that Tina has apparently messed up some paperwork and  is cheated of her student loan as a result..

As if that wasn’t enough, Emelie’s cash card gets voided for no apparent reason, my mom manages to kill her sewing machine and get dumped by her boyfriend.. Oh and t0day Christian manages to break one of Tina’s designer brand glass bowls shortly before Zascha bumps her head on one of the rafters running along the ceiling.. Just lovely!

Maybe we should just go back to status quo with me being the unlucky one, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate that.. 😉


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