Thanks all the same!

I’m surprisingly pissed off tonight although, I guess, I really shouldn’t be. The day got off to a fine start, slept in till 10 AM, got up, showered, got dressed and ate breakfast, then made my way to uni for my economics exam. Despite not really feeling well prepared for the exam, I surprisingly wasn’t nervous until a few minutes before the exam, and even then I had enough goofiness left in me to be my own jolly self and to jump about and make a complete fool of myself.

The exam, too, went rather well. I went in, delivered my presentation on Just-Eat, goofed up a few times but managed to keep a straight face and even crack a few jokes about my own misfortune. Made it back out in what seemed like no time at all, waited a few minutes for my grades and was awarded a 10 for my presentation and an 11 for my language skills.. Not too sure I really deserved that grade as I really felt like I under-achieved that day, but I’ll leave that up for discussion.. But hey, it was pretty good times.

Tina was up right after me, so I stuck around and tried to calm her down best as I could (probably a lousy attempt, but hey, it’s the thought that counts! 😉 ) and also I hung out with Christian and Zascha who do not have their exams until tomorrow but was around anyways as to print their transparencies for their presentations tomorrow. After Tina had passed her thing, all four of us went to the local mall to get a bit to eat and to browse a few stores and look at all the things that we couldn’t afford. We then went to Tina’s for a few hours where I worked on my next exam as well as listened to Zascha’s presentation for tomorrow and tried to help Christian cut a bit off his impossibly lengthy presentation..

And it was after doing this that I received the news that nearly ruined my evening. Tina was preparing dinner and I was standing in the kitchen, talking to her when I hear Zascha complaining loudly from the living room. Upon inspecting the source of her complaints, I find out that she’s received a mail from the student secretary saying that she’s unable to choose a certain elective because she’s used up her quota of ECTS points.. F’ing bullshit! I immediately realise that I must be in the same boat as I myself don’t have enough points to choose English Law which was something I’d always been planning to do. I go and check my school email and surely enough I have a mail waiting for me saying “Nah-uh! Can’t pick that, silly boy, you don’t have enough ECTS points available!”

Hmpf! Well, that pissed me off to say the least, not only because I really wanted to take English Law but also because I was promised by Marianne Ankjær of the board when choosing my electives last semester that I’d have no problems choosing English Law this semester even if it would give me a few extra ECTS points.. Well, apparently now rules have changed and I do have a problem.. I naturally would never had made the choices that I did last semester, had I know it would pose a problem now.. So thanks all the same, SDU!

Bah! Humbug! What a depressing end to an otherwise great day and evening. Guess I’ll have to go to the office tomorrow to see if something can be done. Blah, at least I’m sure to be having a great day tomorrow as we’re supposed to celebrate our exam with a bit of fine dining and good wine.. Can’t wait! Mmm.. Food and wine, maybe life isn’t that bad after all 😉


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