.. A spare moment to actually do some blogging! I’m terribly, terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately but between studying, friends, exams and an effort to control the escalating panic spreading amongst the students of SDU, I’ve found it hard to keep up my daily rants and write-ups.

Hopefully things are back to normal now, though. I had my last 5th semester exam today and, like the others, it went surprisingly well. Tina and I had made a vow to not get nervous for this exam as we’d decided following the previous exam that getting nervous proved pointless. I’d say we managed quite well; we spend most of the morning and early afternoon joking about and acting like total maniacs (nothing new there, really), and I manage to keep my calm up until the point where we ran into our professor right before the lunch break and he stopped to thank me for the kind words he’d been reading about himself on my blog which admittedly freaked me out completely as I was pretty sure I’d written some pretty incriminating things earlier.

Well, turns out he must’ve googled his own name and stumbled upon this post in which I not only mention us affectionately referring to him as Gaylord due to his gestures and accent, but also mention drinking beer during the lunch break, goofing off in class and Lord knows what else.. Am I ever glad I decided to pick on a guy with a good sense of humor! And anyways, it was all in good fun 😉

Of course, I was still not too happy with the whole situation when I went to present my exam case an hour later, but I managed to make my butterflies fly in formation and pretty much managed to ace the thing in a stroke of luck which will not soon be forgotten! Tina, too, did well (as if there was ever any doubt that she would!), as did Morten who was on just before me.

Tomorrow, Zascha and Christian will have a go – I’ll go on the record now and say there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll do just as well, whether they believe it or not! .. and then Thursday it’s time for a bit of celebrating with good friends, good food and, who knows, maybe a drink or two.

So glad it’s over for now..


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