Who goes there? (and the horrors of being a good Samaritan)

First of all, a big hi to all the new readers around here! I don’t know exactly what’s going on around here, but it seems like I’m really starting to draw people in.. For the strangest reasons imaginable: Greetings are in order for the people from SDU,  students or faculty alike, who seem to be drawn by the mention of “Morten Kier” and “Peter Lorenzen” – I’m sure the gentlemen would be interested to know that other than the word “breasts”, they seem to be the most popular search terms.. Hmm..

Also, greetings are in order for whoever stumbled upon my blog by searching for the words “onion smelling std.” I’m not the judgemental type, I welcome everybody.. But I do feel sorry that you probably didn’t find what you were looking for here.

With the formalities out of the way, allow me to just bitch for a few minutes:

I was supposed to have spend today winding down and relaxing after my exams.. That plan went pretty well for a while. Slept in, went down to uni to hang out with Tina and act as support for Christian and Zascha who had their exams today..  We had a good time, really, I arrived just as Christian went in for his 30 minutes of fame and was around to pat his back and accept a free beer after he aced his exam. I then receive an SMS from Ricki asking me to cover his shift at work because he’s really stressed out and pressed for time. Being the good friend that I am, and knowing he’d do the same for me, I accept to do so despite really not feeling like it.. Big mistake!

Aaanyways, the rest of the afternoon I spend hanging out at uni, chatting, listening to music, acting like the complete idiots that we are at times. When Zascha’s exam is finally over (with great results), I’m left with about a half hour to do a bit of much needed grocery shopping so I can get home and cook dinner before heading off for work. Once home, I also grab a much needed cup of coffee while cooking, y’know, just to keep me from falling asleep.

I decide on taking the bus to work as my bike is still parked at work after Tina and Zascha forbade me to bike home Monday night and opted to pick me up instead. Well, as you may have already guessed, things weren’t working out in my favor today, so I miss the bus and am left with only one option: An 8 km walk through pouring rain.. Which was fun! (I’m being sarcastic here.. Can you tell?) Anyways, as it turns out, it’s perfectly possible to cover 8 kms in just over an hour if you’re cold and wet, so I arrive at work almost a half hour early.. Just in time to talk to my colleague and learn that another one colleague of mine has quit and another one switched to day shift, so we’ll be understaffed by about 50% tonight.

I decide that rather than just sitting around, I may as well get started with work.. Another bad decision, as I had a growing headache at the time which was only being kept down by a large dose of caffeine and ibuprofen. Going into details about the evening would produce an even longer, whinier rant so let’s not dwell too deeply on that. My other colleagues punch in at 8 and are met with a weary eyed Johan singing the chorus of “The Saints Are Coming”, happy to get some sort of relief. I later decide that I’ve about had enough and that it must be about time to go home, I check my watch which reads 9:17 PM.. Bugger! At around 11 PM, all hell breaks lose and the remaining hour is just a messy blur.

I finally catch a ride home with Jens at midnight, promising myself never to be nice to anybody again and never cover shifts for friends again.. It’s just really not worth it! 😉

Tina, I’m sorry.. I know you wanted a write-up about our awesome dinner-party thing, but sleep beckons.. And, well, you’d yell at me for not taking care of myself when I obviously need rest. So better to get yelled at for missing a story than breaking a Johan 🙂

Someone remind me to do that write-up whenever I get the time!


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