Mmm.. Saturated fats!

It’s amazing what Christian and I will put our bodies. Take this morning for example. As if it wasn’t enough that we shared a case of beer and a bottle of wine last night after having dinner with Zascha and Tina, we also opted to start the day with bacon, eggs, sausages, cheese, fried onions and bread.. With butter of course.. Ah, the breakfast of champions and just what we needed after a long night of sitting up, listening to music, discussing god knows what and laying evil plans for a dinner party at Christians.. Well, the planning mostly centered around making sure that the majority of his alcohol stock was out of the house by the time I arrived.. But still, it was good times!

Needless to say, breakfast knocked whatever little energy we had left completely out of us and once Christian left, I more or less just passed out on the couch and slept for a few hours before getting up to cook a bit of dinner and head to work. Work, on the other hand, was about as uneventful as my hours spend sleeping on the couch. The only highlights involved free sandwiches, cake and well, a bit of SMS’ing back and forth during the breaks trying, among other things, to explain to Tina why a semi-drunken phone call was placed to her this morning, accusing her of being a bad person for not having brought us breakfast and forcing us to go out and act in a completely unhealthy manner..

Ah yes, we really shouldn’t be allowed to drink! But yea, so, I’m now safely back for work, have wound down a little, and actually I’m thinking about just hitting the hay right here and now. After all, I have to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and do some translating work for an ex-colleague of mine who wants me to help him with some grand business scheme of his.. Wow, I actually get to use my edumacation for something.. Woohoo! Yup, probably should just go to bed before I change my mind. Thus ends another short post.. Tomorrow night is party night, expect something longer after that 😉


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