Binge… And purge

So, last night was Roberts birthday party, and what a blast of a party he had.. At any rate, he’d managed to draw some of the drunkest people in the general area. Mads had made the trip down from Aarhus to join in the festivities and Iben had promised to do her best to lure Dunkel and a his guests to come join Roberts party. Speaking of Iben, she was real thrilled that I was able to show up as we hadn’t seen each-other in ages, so we were looking forward to hanging out a bit..

Well, as luck would have it, Iben went and.. Well, pulled an Iben.. So when I went down to Robert’s at around 8 PM, she went and tried to lure Dunkel and the others to join us.. Apparently while Robert, his friends and I sat around, quietly drinking beers, talking about boobs and listening to metal.. As all guys like to do.. Iben somehow stumbled upon half a bottle of Captain Morgan, a couple of hardcore drinkers and some vodka to top things off.

The clock eventually passed 11, Mads (who was looking to surprise Iben) had shown up ages ago and we were starting to lose all hope of seeing Iben, Dunkel and the others that night.. When suddenly the door flies open, Dunkel comes stumbling in followed by an insanely drunk Iben who runs in, goes to give me a hug and a kiss, tries to greet Mads, falls over into a table, laughs and is helped back up and safely positioned on my lap where she can’t do too much damage.. Provided she’d stay there, of course.. Which she doesn’t! No no, tumbling about and trying to sit in your own chair is evidently much more fun. Laughing at other people’s misfortune is never nice, but I’d be lying if I said that Mads and I were not having just a bit of fun enjoying someone actually being drunker than Mads for a change. 😉

Alas, it was pretty evident from the get-go that the fun couldn’t last. Less than an hour into the fun, we realise that Iben has been MIA for a while and that the bathroom door has been mysteriously locked for about the same amount of time. Well, to make a long story short and spare the poor girl some embarrassment, let’s just say that I get to make up for having fun on other people’s expense by spending the next hour or so in the bathroom, taking care of the little girl who sincerely promises me never to drink again.

After finally getting Iben to bed, I return to the others who are now pretty smashed up themselves, so the rest of the night is pretty much just a matter of me going “Eh, fuck it!” and trying to catch up with everybody else which must have failed because I vividly recall Robert kicking me out at around 2:30 because he wants to get the others to bed (apparently there was to be some sort of sleep-over at his place).. So what’s a boy to do? Well, apparently he’s to go home, grab a bite to eat (very important at 3 AM, no?) and then hit the hay.. So that he can be up and kicking by 10 AM on a Sunday.. How very unusual!


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