You are what you eat.. Or?

Hmm.. I’m thinking I might wanna start watching what I’m eating.. And then again maybe not.. 😉 See, thing is: None of us can really be bothered to cook alone anymore, so rather than eating alone, I cooked dinner for Zascha and Tina last night in return for Tina driving me to work afterwards.. After getting a ride home, I ended up munching on a bit of left-overs before watching a bit of TV and then going to bed.

Today, I started out the day thinking I’d put a healthier spin on things.. Somewhat, anyways. And I managed, well, to some extend. I got up at 9 AM, which couldn’t have been healthy to begin with, but I had to be at Zascha’s at 10 and I had to pick up milk for her breakfast on the way (long story, don’t ask!) so that didn’t really leave me much time. Somehow, I did manage to make it to Zascha’s by 9:50, though, which left me a few minutes to relax. Today was the day of Zascha’s last exam and I was playing the role as friendly back-up guy, so we had to be at uni in due time for her 11:30 exam which managed to somehow be pushed forward to about 12 AM. Either way, we were there in due time and Zasha managed to not panic for a change and actually came out with really impressive grades.. Best of her class overall, I do believe, so naturally we had to celebrate with a nice little dinner that evening 🙂

We ate lunch at the school canteen and then made our way back to my place to pick up Zaschas car which had been parked her over night. We then went back to Zascha’s for a bit of early “spring” cleaning before Tine came over for a short visit. Her and Zascha were going to the gym to work out  for a while and on the way they dropped me off near my buddy Kresten’s wine store where instead of working out, I went and got a nice bottle of Italian wine to go with our dinner.. You know, in the sole interest of being healthy!

I then walked home, made some coffee, ate some lunch and kicked back for a while till Zascha showed up again and we went grocery shopping. On a side note, winter has finally arrived here in Denmark so on the way to the supermarket, we had a nice and quick little snow fight which drew a couple of confused looks by people who evidently thought we should be too old for such antics. Safely back home and somewhat soaked from the snow, we got started on dinner (home-made pizza to go with the Italian wine.. Yum!), popped open the wine and shared a bar of chocolate.. Still, in the interest of being healthy, or something to that extend.

After a bit of hard work, some cursing, confusion and after creating a hell of a lot of dirty dishes, dinner was finally done and we could proceed to eat up to a point where I was pretty much unable to sit up straight and Zascha was pretty much speaking in tongues, rambling and not making a hell of a lot of sense.. I probably should start preparing smaller meals! We then decided to kick back and enjoy ourselves by opening up another bottle of wine (the previous one had been emptied a little too quickly, that’s what I get for buying quality stuff, I guess!) and watching Dodgeball – a movie that was obviously a little more funny than I remembered it to be.. Good times!

Afterwards, we made a serious attempt of watching Snatch, but Zascha had to surrender as she was too tired to keep her eyes open any longer, can’t blame her, really, I was wrecked myself once my exams were over! So I opted to walk her home in the interest of at least being a little healthy today.. I can only hope that somehow helped a little!

Apparently tomorrow I have to cook for Tina, Zascha and Anne.. Err.. Yea, I probably really should think about giving that whole exercise thing a try because this whole new lifestyle really can’t be good for me 😉


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