Night shift

Alright, so we’re back to me burning the candle both ends.. Why? This time for no other apparent reason than my own stupidity! Or well, I suppose the washer is partially to blame.. Since the damn thing stole my clothes! Or in other words, it apparently malfunctioned between two stages in the washing program and as a result refused to spin, drain or let alone open the hatch so I could retrieve my clothes..

That really is bad enough as it is, but what makes it even worse is the stupidity of the Johan. I always have to wait for the very last moment to do my laundry and as a result pretty much every piece of garment I own once wearing is now stuck in the washer at fucking 2 AM in the morning.. And with me planning to actually venture outside tomorrow, believe me, that poses somewhat of a problem.

Since resetting the damn thing didn’t work and my more or less violent attempt at prying the thing open resulted in nothing but soapy water everywhere, my only solution has been to restart the washer and hope things turn out better this time around.. As a result I’ll now have to wait at least an hour before a second attempt at retrieving my clothes. The greatest thing about all of this is that not only will I have a late night tonight, I also have to get up early tomorrow.. Which shouldn’t prove as much of a problem as you’d think because apparently workers have descended upon the house next door and not only do they like to start early, they also like to be noisy about going about their business, so I’m sure I’ll have no problem waking up at 8 AM tomorrow..

I wonder if I’ll ever learn to think ahead of time.. 😉


Score: Man 0 – Machine 1! Deus Ex Machina my ass! Or at least, if God really is in the machine, he must hate me just like his superior deity counterpart. I finally did manage to retrieve my clothes from the washer, but for the record squeezing excess water out of a load of laundry by hand at 3 in the morning is no fun.. And I feel like I really should be worried about all this excess blueish dye that seems to be everywhere.. Ah, screw it! Too tired to care anyways.. After all it’s said that every male is supposed to mess up at least one load of laundry in their lifetime.. Right?


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