Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

Man, when will I ever learn? Think, Johan, think!

Errm.. Anyways, like I mentioned in my previous post, I spend the weekend at my dad’s in Nyborg. It was pretty good times as it usually is. Nothing major! Anyways, I had to be back in Kolding by tomorrow morning, so my dad opted to drive me tonight since he was going to work anyways.

I gladly accepted as I was dragging along not only my clothes, necessities and computer but also a load of clean laundry and a bunch of groceries.. So cool, we headed off in good time, I managed to double check that I’d remembered everything.. And I did.. Well, except for one thing.. My house key! Duh! Which wouldn’t have been too bad, had we not been 60 kms away from Nyborg by the time I noticed.. So naturally, we had to push on, hoping I’d somehow stuffed the damn keys in my bags somewhere without noticing..

As it turned out when we finally got to Kolding, I hadn’t. So the race was on to find some kind of good solution to my predicament. As luck would have it, I’d already been offered two or three couches to sleep on but of course, a real stubborn Johan doesn’t give up quite that easily.. Noo, sneaking through your own back yard, prying open a back door and stumbling blinded through the basement before barging through the back door to your own apartment.. Come to think of it I probably should be glad that the right to bear arms isn’t in the Danish constitution, because if that was the case I would’ve probably had a problem if Bo had heard the carnage and  decided to investigate 😉

Well, at any rate, I made it home, I made it in, now all I need is to get a hold of an extra key tomorrow morning, then get my other keys from my Dad asap.. Doing trivial things like checking your mail and using your bike is overrated once you’re not able to do so anymore.


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