Hey, screw you people!

So today Christian and Tina decided to leave the country in favor of a one week skiing trip in Austria.. Or somewhere equally exotic.. Blah! 😉 Leaving Zascha and I wondering what the hell we’re now supposed to do on weekdays.. I mean other that focusing on less important stuff like, say, our BA project which will be our final paper before receiving our hard-earned Bachelors degree.

Which should be fun.. Or not.. Or, all kidding aside, it probably will be interesting once we get started. We’ve focused on American Studies as our area of focus and the subject should be something along the lines of “First amendment rights in America: The Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause vs The Pledge of Allegiance” which in all honesty should prove interesting to work with.. But will probably end up driving us nuts in the end 😉

Eh, what else? Well, school starts again next week, another thing that I’m sorta looking forward to.. I mean, I’m getting lazy just laying around like this.. And laziness is good to some extend, but this is really just getting too much.. Bring on the knowledge! 😉


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