Holy Crap!

Admittedly, my colleagues are used to quite a variety of weird behavior on my behalf. What they’re definitely not used to, though, is me showing up at 8 PM on a Thursday evening with messy hair, bloodshot eyes, dizziness and the smell of booze on my breath.. Nonetheless that’s what I managed to do today after our dinner last night to celebrate that our exams were over went ever so slightly out of hand. Or, again, out of hand may just be the understatement of a lifetime.. The write-up of yesterday’s events will have to wait, though, I wouldn’t even know where to start right now.. Let’s just say for now, that there was a lot of downright strange behavior and that most of the people involved were beyond drunk!

Anyways, yeah, so I paid the ultimate price today by not only getting a hangover for a change, but actually getting the hangover to end all hangovers. Which proved a great source of entertainment for Zascha and Tina among others as they’re not really used to seeing me with a hangover.. Gee, thanks a lot, girls! 😉

Ah well, shouldn’t complain too much. After all, I brought it all on myself, and Zascha was actually nice enough to not only cook me dinner (I seriously wasn’t functioning properly at the time), she also drove me to work which probably more or less saved my life.. So yea, I can live with a bit of teasing 🙂

I somehow managed to struggle through my shift at work without even causing any major accidents or anything which admittedly was a bit surprising even for me.. But I managed, and even secured a ride back home so I wouldn’t have to bother the girls more than necessary and not have to get myself killed in the attempt of walking home or something equally stupid.. And so here I am, back home, eating spring rolls and spending my time rambling on the web when really I should be sleeping. Hmm.. What a smart boy I am! Guess I should try that whole being responsible thing and get my ass to bed while this is still a relatively short post 😉


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