… And I’m an idiot!

As I mentioned earlier, I’d forgotten my keys in Nyborg a while back, or lost them, or whatever. Since then, the hunt has been on for my keys both in various parts of Nyborg and in my bags and clothes as well.. With absolutely no results!

I’d about gotten ready to accept the fact that my keys were gone and that I’d need to change the locks and what not when, eventually, I get a call from Mie, who by the way had no part in the search.. Anyways, she poses the mystical question “Has your jacket been feeling a bit too big lately?” When I start questioning her whether she’s drunk and asking into what the hell she’s talking about, she rephrases her question and asks “Have you been missing your keys lately?” Had I ever? But I still didn’t quite understand what that had to do with the size of my jacket.. She then goes on to explain that Dennis, her boyfriend, had put on his jacket earlier that evening and found it hard, nay impossible, to button it up properly. She had initially scolded him for getting too damn fat lately until he’d gone through the pockets and located.. Have you guessed it already? My keys!

That’s when it dawned to me that Birthe, my dad’s wife, had bought Dennis and I matching jackets for Christmas.. Only his was a large and mine was a medium! Duh! So apparently I’d been so tired and confused when visiting Mie and Dennis one day over the weekend that I’d grabbed the wrong jacket when heading out the door and no-one, not even me, had noticed.. Great! At least now I know where my keys are!


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