Superbowl XLI, zombies, and my housing situation

I really am getting older. I remember the good old days where I was able to watch the Superbowl, go to sleep for an hour or two and get up for work or school with no problems what-so-ever.  Obviously, I can’t do this too well anymore.. Or at any rate, I was a zombie at school today, even with three hours of sleep this year.

Yep, that’s right, I’m back in school.. On the day after the Superbowl, even, which by the way is broadcast live here with kick-off just after midnight. Yawn! This year, I watched the game with Iben, Zascha, Morten and our arsenal of snacks and supplies: Nachos and beers for kickoff, candy, potato chips, peanuts, sodas and other goodies for later.

Generally we had a good old time, even if the game was rather boring. Poor Zascha had to call it quits at half-time, but I can’t really say I blame her, Prince’s performance nearly drove me out of the room as well.. (Purple Rain still rocks, though!) Which left only Iben, Morten and I to watch the second half which lasted well into the wee hours.

We eventually staggered home at around 4:30 in the morning, meeting barely any signs of life on our way. We only saw a handful of houses with lights on and only one window that we could peak through which is something, I might add, that you should never do at 4:45 in the morning.. Let’s just say that curiosity killed the cat.. In the shape of naked, old ladies! Eek!

Lights out finally occured at around 5 AM, leaving us almost 3 hours to sleep before Morten had to get up and catch a bus to Bruxelles, and I had to get up for school.. Needless to say, I caught a short nap during the day before heading to work this evening.

In good news of the day, my housing situation has been solved. As I mentioned earlier, our house has been up for sale and I didn’t know if I could stay here once the house was sold. Well, the house has now been bought, I’ve talked with the new owners and they’re more than willing to let me stay. At the same rent that I’m currently paying. Only downside is that they want a 9000 DKK deposit which is of course more than fair since they don’t know me as well as my current landlord does and since they need something to cover possible damages.. My only problem will be how to get the money.. 😉

That about covers the day.. Did I mention I’m knackered? 😉


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