I swear before God almighty..

That I’m never ever screwing up again.. No, honestly this time.. The consequences are so not worth it! See, last Wednesday when we were celebrating our exams at Tina’s, Emelie forgot her lip balm when she left to go home. When Morten and I left, I grabbed her 100 DKK lip balm thinking “Hey, she can pick it up at my place tomorrow!” – a surprisingly reasonable thought at the time.. Only Emelie wasn’t coming over the day after and when Morten and I did head back to Tina’s later the next day, I completely forgot the lip balm.. I’ll leave it for you guys to guess how popular I was with Emelie the next day.

So, long story short: I promised the poor girl I’d bake her a chocolate cake to make up for being a jackass which seemed reasonable, had I only known how to bake a cake. I mean, I know how to cook, I can make pizza, I used to bake my own bread when I had too much damn time on my hands.. Baking a damn chocolate cake couldn’t be that damn hard.. Right? Wrong!

Step one would be to get my hands on a recipe.. Not a big problem, I quickly remembered a chocolate fudge cake my ex used to bake all the time  and after a bit of googling, I came up with a recipe.. Using American measurements! Not much of a problem, I’ve lived in the States.. And besides, onlineconversion.com is a good friend of mine!

Step two was getting hold of the ingredients, a fairly easy, yet expensive step!

Step three was to realise that my ex was a hell of a lot better at baking cakes than I am so what seemed like walk in the park for her proved trying as ever for me.. But paying close attention to the recipe on the laptop while taking things one step at a time, I managed to pull through. By the way, sifting almost two pounds of dry ingredients takes a while when you don’t have have proper sieve.

Step four involved pausing whatever I was doing and taking time to clean up after a small explosion.. Umm.. Guys, just for the record, while melting butter in the microwave sounds like one hell of a good idea in theory, I really don’t recommend it. It blows, it stinks, it burns.. Not a good idea at all!

At step five I actually had something resembling dough.. In my mixing bowl as well as over most surfaces in the kitchen.. Note to self, I need a bigger mixing bowl! The dough was poured into a fitting dish and placed in the oven where it proceeded to rise dangerously close to the edges of the bowl. While the cake was in the oven, I did whatever I could to limit the amount of dirty dishes and clean up the mess left around the kitchen.. Until I ran out of clean kitchen towels anyways.

Step six involved getting softened butter everywhere in an attempt to make fudge while the cake was left to cool. Apparently melting chocolate in the microwave is a hell of a lot easier and safer than melting butter so actually the hardest part of making fudge proved to be sifting the casting sugar and trying to keep everything in the bowl.

Step the seventh mostly involved cursing and trying to keep the cake from crumbling too much while layering it and spreading the fudge on it.

And that’s about it, after nearly three hours of intense struggling and cursing, I ended up with a (near) perfect chocolate fudge cake (okay, admittedly it looks like crap, but it’s the thought that counts! Riiiight, girls?) and the messiest kitchen in the history of messy kitchens.. Blah.. I sure hope Emelie will realise how sorry I am once she realises how much work and effort went into trying to please her 😉


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