Sleeping in

Wow.. Uhh.. Do you know those moments where you wake up totally confused with no track of time or anything? I just had one of those. I woke up thinking it was maybe around noon, check my watch and realise it’s friggin’ 3:45 PM! I mean, I realised I’d slept in, but not by this much.. Hmm.. Very un-Johan-like behavior.

And it’s not like I went and got myself drunk or anything last night. Zascha, Emelie and I went to check out the new student “house” downtown where Zascha and I actually managed to limit ourselves to two beers for a change and I think I managed to burn those two off simply by shivering from the cold when I was walking Emelie to the train. 😉

Anyhow, we all parted ways pretty early, I went to get something to eat, then home to watch a bit of TV, went to beed and obviously felt like sleeping for 12 hours.. Hmm, wonder how that came about.. My sleeping habits certainly aren’t normal!

And just to get the shameless plug out of the way: If you live in Kolding and you’re a student, the new student house seems to be the place to look out for. They’re only just starting up, but they’ve got three floors, good funds, a lot of backing from major Kolding companies and a bunch of dedicated volunteers! So keep an eye on their website and an eye open for flyers or posters around school. I know for certain they’re putting on a great party on  the 23rd.


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