The best things in life are free.. And sometimes junkfood is too!

Tina, Christian and the lot returned from their skiing holiday today. Being the gentleman I am, I offered to meet Tina at the train station so she wouldn’t have to walk home all by herself.. Yea, chivalry isn’t dead, it’s only slightly amputated – as proven by my showing up five minutes late, leaving Tina wondering what the hell I was doing, Either way, I got their eventually, walked her home, watched some TV while she showered and made herself presentable and we then went to McDonald’s for lunch.

In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of Mickey D’s but we were at a loss for what to do for lunch and between that and the ever so common Danish take on pizza, I was easily persuaded. The fact that Tina works at McDonald’s and was able to get us employee discount probably also helped!

Getting to McDonald’s proved to be no easy task after all, after staring evilly at a rather fierce shower of snow, we eventually got into the car which in return wouldn’t start. When it finally did, Tina tried to adjust the rear view mirror, managing to snap it off in the process.. So what an interesting drive that was! When we eventually got there, Tina had to go talk to her manager while I looked through the menu. I rather quickly opted for the first thing I could find that had bacon in it, but luckily Tina showed up soon after and convinced me to go for the Big Tasty value meal and add bacon to it. Being the persuasive little thing that she is, she also convinced me to go Super Size and to add a side order of those yummy stuffed jalapeno kinda things that we all love so much! Uh, yea, good thing I don’t go to Mickey’s all that often because when I do go, I tend to exaggerate ver so slightly.

Anyways, the poor girl behind the counter was new on the register, it seemed, so Tina had to help her get the order right. She eventually also had to get behind the register and  show her how to swipe Tina’s employee discount card. What happened next, I’ll probably never understand, but Tina – the so-called expert on the subject – somehow managed to get it wrong , screwing up the order, with the result that our food was suddenly free!!

Again, I don’t know how she did it, but this girl can buy me lunch any time she wants in the future!

After eating and driving back home to Tina’s, we collapsed on the couch, had a cup of coffee and still managed to nearly fall asleep huddled up in a corner which made me decide to just go home and let the poor girl get some rest.. She had company coming over that evening after all.. And that’s when things got a little weird. See, I not only went home, I actually also went for a run.. On a Sunday.. For the second time this weekend. I don’t know what is wrong with me lately, not only have I not partied or gotten drunk this weekend, I’ve actually also eaten somewhat healthily and gotten some serious exercise.. What the hell is up with that!

I hope Christian’s plan of dinner and beer next Thursday comes through, I’m starting to scare myself!


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