Happy Hallmark Holiday!

So, today I had my first real day back in the old routine.. I think I might grow to hate working Wednesdays.. Left for school at 8:45 this morning. Six hours of school, a bit of house work and four hours at work later, here I am; ready to crash at just past 0:30 AM.. Ungh! That’s gonna take some getting used to. On the other hand, Wednesday is the only day of the week where I really have classes (two technical English classes on Mondays aside), so I guess I shouldn’t complain at all. Boy, sometimes I feel like complaining is our national sport here in Denmark.

So, today was Valentine’s Day.. Ta-taaa.. Y’know, I don’t wanna sound bitter or anything (and I surely am not) but what a crock of shit that is. First off, apologies in advance to all Americans, but who came up with the bright idea that we need a special day to tell and show others that we care about one another? Doesn’t that sort of undermine the whole concept about love being a wonderful, spontaneous thing that knows no limits our boundaries?

Secondly, with all of this talk lately about the Anglification of the Danish society (and other countries as well, I suppose) and American culture overshadowing the uniqueness of Danish culture and becoming way too influential.. Err.. How come we suddenly see all these adds, posters, mailings and what have you telling us to remember Valentine’s Day, to say it with flowers, diamonds, iPods or whatever? If there ever was an all-American tradition, this has got to be it! I suppose it’s okay to complain about the loss of Danish culture, but as long as we see a chance to make a buck, we’re on it.

When I visited the states for the first time in February 2000, Valentine’s was a completely new tradition to me and I was completely overwhelmed by the “crazy Americans” and their overboard ways of celebrating the day.. Now, 7 years later, we’re starting to really buy into it, and it seems like we’re not far behind  the culture which we so desire to distinguish ourselves from.. Uhh.. Way to go? 😉

Either way, I’m not buying it.. Not because I’m bitter because I don’t have a girlfriend, not because I’m in need of love or attention, I just don’t see the big picture.. I’m starting to think I just have to oppose everything that has public backing 😉 That’s not to say that I don’t feel happy for those who do read something into the day and got whatever they wanted to day, be it attention, a dinner date, flowers an iPod or diamonds.. So happy Valentine’s Day after all!


3 responses to “Happy Hallmark Holiday!

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  2. Happy-Crappy Valentines Day sweety! 😀

  3. Haha.. Right back at ya, sweetheart 😉

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