Café dates, aluminum foil, limbo, emos and metalheads

Ugh.. Well, we’re approaching the end of a weekend which for me consisted mostly of getting my drink on, getting my help on and getting my metalhead spirit up and roaring.

Thursday, I’d invited Christian and Tina over for dinner and beers to celebrate that they were once again safely back in Denmark. Zascha, who had been having dinner with some people from her French class, joined us later and after a few glasses of wine, we made our way down to the new Student House to hang with a bunch of our friends.. Evidently a lot of stuff happened, including limboing, dancing, headbanging and singing.. Evidently I took part in all of it.. Or so I’m told anyways. The only thing I know for certain is that Christian and I felt like utter crap when we woke the next morning.. And for the major part of the next day for that matter.

Friday was a lot easier on ye olde body. First and foremost, the majorty of the day was spend on the couch feeling sorry for myself and trying to convince myself for the millionth time that I’d never drink again. After a serious attempt of eating dinner, I met up with Zascha and Tina and we all went to help out at the Student House. See, we’re in the process of cleaning out, remodeling and generally just spicing the place up a bit, so every extra little helping hand really does help a lot.. Anyways, that evening’s project was to get rid of the horrible ceiling decorations. Somehow the former users of the first floor room thought it really nice and fancy to coat the entire ceiling with some sort of aluminum foil. It looked absolutely horrible and my best guess is that it must’ve been up there since the late eighties judging now only by the looks but also by the amount of dirt and filth stuck to it.

Jesper, Jakob and I went at tearing the foil down which proved a horrible job as the foil was absolutely covered in dirt, soot and other funny things, making us cough and sneeze constantly. The girls did a really good job at picking up all the crap we tore down, baggging it up and sweeping after us and we actually made record time in tearing down the foil and cleaning up subsequently. Which meant that we had a lot of time for sitting around, talking and having a few beers. Kristoffer and I had carried four empty cases of beer down to the nearest supermarket at the beginning of the evening and invested the bottle refunds towards a new case of beer, and since Jakob and Jesper had brought a case as well, we were pretty well prepared.

The night would prove trying for me, though, as I had to try and exercise that whole drinking responsibly thing as I had a “date” with Emelie the next morning 😉 The fact that Jesper and Jakob were also taunting me for throwing down a few sodas inbetween beers and drinking at a somewhat reasonable pace didn’t help much either, but I’m happy to report that I actually managed and that I was also able to get up the next morning without a hangover. I was tired, however, as I’d had maybe five hours of sleep.. And I really am getting too old for this kinda crap 😉

So it was with a bit of a yawn on my face that I picked up Emelie at the train station at noon on Saturday, but I quickly livened up a bit after we fell into the old routine of discussing random weirdness and laughing at our latest escapades and misfortunes. After a quick trip the the pharmacy to fill a subscription, we went to our usual café, and from there on to a less crowded and less claustrophobic alternative, where we had a cup of coffee and a nice talk before doing some shopping and heading back to my place.. And yes, I’m starting to understand why people would think that we’re dating what with picking up her birth control pills before hitting cafés, doing our grocery shopping together and then taking her home.. Hmm.. 😉 The question remains, though, how would I have the time to be dating her while practically being married to Zascha and according to various rumors fooling around with Iben and Tina on the side.. I’m starting to think that I’m not only the luckiest, but also the busiest, man in the world.

Emelie was actually only supposed to have stayed for a few hours which is why I was a bit confused when suddenly I looked at the clock and noticed that it was around 6:30 and we started talking about maybe it was time for Emelie to catch a train back home. Oh well, I’m not complaining. Anyways, at around tihs time, Iben started SMS’ing me talking me into spending the evening with Dunkel and her. So apparently I also had something to do after Emelie had left.. Good times!

What made it all even better is when I realized, once back home, that the new Volbeat album was out in it’s entirety and available for streaming (for free) over the internet! (link) What a good way of making a good day totally awesome. I gave the thing a listen before heading down to Dunkel’s, knowing full well that we’d be listening to it a lot more throughout the night.. And boy did we! I think it’s safe to say that once again, Volbeat became the theme of large parts of the evening.. With a lot of drunken singing, headbanging, guitar playing and what have you. One thing’s for sure, you’re never bored at Dunkel’s 😉

At some point of the evening, Ricki even showed up which was great as I haven’t seen him in forever. Apparently he’s trying the straight-edge thing again and not drinking due to his football practice or something. Good for him, I suppose.. And good for us as well, as he could give Dunkel and I a ride downtown to some party that we were expected to crash.. Hmm.. Don’t know what it was all about, but apparently Robert wanted us to crash some 80’s party that he was at.. So we did..And boy was that ever a weird ordeal. I guess we were sorta expecting cheesy outfits, mediocre pop music, popcorn and whatever.. Instead we were met by the greatest collection of metal-heads I’ve ever seen outside of a Slayer moshpit, most of them sporting band shirts from the 70’s and 90’s.. Oh and a bunch of emos just for good measure.

The emos were doing a pretty good job at not making us feel welcome whereas the metalheads were doing a good job at making us feel a little too welcome. I’ve never been a big fan of clingy, long-haired guys who seem a little too eager to talk to you.. So after maybe 15 minutes or so, Dunkel and I decided to just say screw this and head on back home to Dunkel’s to play a bit of Wii. Which we did, I think, and then I somehow managed to make it back home by about 6 AM or thereabout. Ah yes, another weekend well spent.


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