Drugs, rehab, more drugs..

Y’know, I was actually starting to enjoy life without painkillers. It seems that ever since I took on working full time for a shipping firm a few years back, they’ve been an integrated part of my life on an on and off basis.. But for the last couple of months I’ve really managed to stay off the damn things.. Till last night anyways, when I woke up in the middle of the night with a stiff, hurting neck and a headache to boot.

The drilll seemed almost too familiar: Got up, had a few pills, went back to sleep, woke up in the morning, made toast, had a few more pills and then all was good. At least until I arrived at work tonight and a bunch of friggin’ German, migrant workers had decided to see just how hard it was to drill through a solid concrete wall.. Hard enough, evidently, as it took them all of four hours, giving all of us a solid headache in the process.. Damn Germans, as if they didn’t create enough trouble and wreckage during the war 😉

Speaking of work, I’d like to state that I think it’s fucking ridiculous that it takes almost six months to provide me with a new ID and access card after the old one stopped working, and when I finally get it, I’m unable to use it to access the building.. Or punch in for that matter.. Just what, then is the point of giving me one? Hmm..

These things aside, my working day wasn’t all too bad. Between trying to make arrangements for Friday, chatting with Emelie over SMS and speaking to Tina for about 15 minutes during a slow period (she got to listen to me trying to pick fights and getting beat up and all sorts of weird shit.. Good times!), I actually didn’t have much time for constructive labour which suited me just fine on a day like today. I’m starting to think that my only major problem today will involve getting to bed at a decent hour so I’ll be well rested and prepared for my six hours of university hell tomorrow.


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