Do you smell something burning?

Hmm.. Well, I came home after a stressful day with the family and a blissful night of well-deserved rest with the girls, thinking I’d write a nice, long post about some of the crazy stuff that went down this weekend. Well, guess what.. I get my laptop out, boot it up, start typing away, connect the AC adapter, notice that the power indicator light isn’t coming up, start wiggling a bit with the wire as according to the instructions on the Apple Care website.. And suddenly have fucking sparks flying everywhere! Bah!

So yea, that was sorta the end of that idea.. The AC adapter fried, the computer is still working but running out of juice quickly, duh.. Oh and did anyone ever notice that AC adapters and other accessories are ridiculously overprized? Luckily, I’ve still got my desktop in a working condition, but I really kinda need my laptop for my studies and I’m not just talking MSN and blogging in class, really, I’ve got notes and shit on there, I need to do my BA assignment. Not to mention that a lot of personal files, pictures and what have you are on there.. Argh! This, however, will have to do for now.. I guess things could be a lot worse..

So, expect some new carnival pictures as soon as I get my laptop back up and running again. As for right now, enjoy the semi-regular blog entries posted from my home PC.


4 responses to “Do you smell something burning?

  1. Awww… Shit happens pumpkin… 😦
    But nice to meet ya last friday, been a long time since the last time we saw eact other 🙂

    (Good thing us modern people have both a laptop and, a desktop… 😉 )

  2. That it does, that it does.. In batches, apparently.. Oh well.. *shrugs*

    Yea, it was nice to see ya again, and thanks for the love.. I dig that! 😀 I’ll try to get some pics from the party up soon!

    And yea, but desktops are soooo last year, though.. 😛

  3. Strømforsyninger er kraftigt undervurderet! Har du fået købt dig en ny?

  4. Hi. Test post :

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