Holy crap on a stick!

I noticed an absolute explosion in the number of visits over the past few days.. Which is totally awesome! So thanks to everybody for taking part in my little online world.. Heh, I honestly never thought I’d see this happen. 50+ visits a day, 90+ visitors on the best day ever so far.. Guess my life is really not that boring after all. 😉

Either way, for the Danish readers out there, or those who happen to speak Danish for whatever crazy reason they may have: If you’ve got two minutes to spare and feel like taking part in a fun little experiment, do me a favor and fill out this short questionaire: LINK!

Oh and on a final note, I’ve promised Tina to try and type up a rant about this past weekend’s dress-up party by some time (late) tonight.. So check back for crazy updates to match the crazy pictures posted to my Flickr account earlier today.


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