Busy Wednesdays

I took the liberty of sleeping in this morning and despite missing a morning class, I’m glad I did. Zascha and I had spend last night at our Student House with Kristoffer and our new found buddy, Martin, doing some PR work and brainstorming. We ended up with a few creative banners that were to be hung from the rooftop to thank the city and create some attention – as it turns out, a couple of young people packing cans of spray paint and whatever, hanging banners from a rooftop at 10 PM does create a bit of attention 😉 We also came up with an idea for a T-shirt design along with Johan (yes, another Johan to add to the collection), a student from Kolding’s School of Design.

Anyways, yea, we got back rather late, I couldn’t sleep, finally fell asleep at around 1:45 and just really couldn’t be bothered to get back up at 7:45, so I slept in for about an hour before getting ready and heading off to uni where I hung out briefly with Zascha before catching my remaining four classes. When I was done with school at 3:15, I met up with Zascha and Tina and together we made our way towards the Student House where we had another meeting which covered pretty much everything from feedback for last weekend’s party over our t-shirt design to future plans and what have you. I feel like we’re really starting to get somewhere with this idea and it feels absolutely awesome to be part of it and help build and expand the idea. Also, I sense that we’re now really starting to get a grip of people and getting the publicity and interest that we deserve. With interest and efforts growing each day, I see good things in store for us.

I had to leave the meeting prematurely at around 5:45 in order to dash home and quickly get some food on the table before heading off for work. I don’t start work until 8 PM, but since Tina had been so sweet as to zoom by my place of work Monday evening and give me a ride home, my bike was stuck at work and I had no way of securing a ride today since people were either working themselves or had other plans. Oh well, luckily I have feet and nobody’s ever died of an 8 km walk, have they? I hope not! Blah, anyways, I got to work in due time and ran into my colleague Kent for the first time in probably like five months. As a result of not having seen me in so long, he naturally freaked the fuck out when he saw the length of my hair which hasn’t been cut in like 7 months now. For whatever reason, he also decided to start making fun of my funny sounding name despite having known me for over three years now.. But hey, that’s just Kent, him and I never were good at taking eachother too seriously, so it all just adds to the fun.

Well, whatever fun I was having anyways. I was starting to feel the strain of having been up and going for so long and at around 11 PM, I was actually quite ready to just curl up and die. Kent and I kept eachother going by singing various Disney songs, an activity which was even more scary than it sounds. At midnight I was pretty much just a walking empty shell and was just so happy to be done, that I didn’t really understand what was going on when my boss told me to just put in five more minutes. After him telling me the third time, I finally realised that he wanted me to stay and help unload two more trailers. Fair enough, I thought, as he’s been doing me favors before; as long as he’d pick me up if I fell over from exhaustion. Five minutes turned into ten minutes which in turn turned into 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and then some before we were finally done and I was able to stagger out to my bike.

The ride home was more than a little interesting and scary, I won’t get into details as doing so would probably earn me a thorough beating tomorrow at the hands of my girls.. So let’s not go there. Let’s just focus on the fact that I got paid for the extra hour up to 1 AM and another hour on top of that.. Not too shabby a deal, I might add.. And I made it home in one piece, so that’s good! I really am falling asleep at the keyboard now, though, and I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow, so I’ll just go ahead and shut up for now. I really gotta stop posting after 2 AM.. My posts probably would be a lot more coherent, but probably less funny.

Watch for updates from our first official Thursday Bar Night at the Student House in the near future!


One response to “Busy Wednesdays

  1. Du bliver nødt til at introducere mig for det der Studenterhuset! 😛

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