Still breathing!

Wowsers, I must say I’m a bit overwhelmed by the reactions to my absence. Just to let everybody know: I really am okay, I’m just stuck in Nyborg for a few days and till now haven’t really found a way of posting updates.. And of course, once I finally found a way to post updates, luck would have it that it’s now 2:30 AM on a Saturday morning and that I’m a little too worn out to actually post a longer, coherent rant.. So check back in the next day or so for a full update containing details of my insanely humorous road trip to a guest lecture in Odense with a bunch of the information science students from SDU Kolding.

And for those of you who may be wondering, I’ll be back in Kolding by Sunday evening.. And yes, I am looking forward to it. I really do feel sorta out of place over here. At one point it’s great to receive all these sms messages and what not from people telling me what kinda mischievous behavior they’re up to and how they’re wishing I could be part of it, and at one point I’m like “Fuck, why can’t I be there to take part?” .. On a totally different level, I guess I should be glad I’m actually getting some work done on my school stuff and BA assignment, and I feel like I really should appreciate this whole family thing.. Bah, I wish I were back home where I belong.


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