A Sense of Belonging

Before going to bed last night, I coincidentally checked the Student House’s internal forum and I’m glad I did. Apparently I’m being elected head of our music and visual entertainment committee alongside being a member of the PR-group.. Meaning that I’ll actually be handed a key to the house! Not only that, Kristoffer wanted to take care of the handover the very next afternoon, so I was told to report at the house at noon – 10 hrs after I checked the forum! Good job keeping up to date, Johan.. I swear, being detached from technology for several days straight makes you all loopy-headed! 😉

Either way, I got to school, caught a class, went to a computer lab, wrote an assignment, borrowed Zascha’s key and went to her place to get some stuff, strode back and reported at the Student House well before noon.. Once again, good job, Johan! Could’ve spared myself some trouble, though, the lady from the city representative that we were supposed to meet with to get the keys was not only in a meeting, when we finally got a hold of her, it seemed she’d forgotten about the keys.. So we’re due to check back tomorrow at noon and get our keys. Good thing I’ve got the day off tomorrow.. It seems it’ll now be spend on homework, cleaning, a few meetings oh and if time permits probably a bit of work put into my BA-assignment as well!

In more positive news, I’ve gotten my greedy little hands on a pre-order of a limited edition Volbeat support tshirt offered only to a couple of die-hard internet fans: Yup, that’s me! And no, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning four Volbeat tshirts! Danish readers might get a chuckle from the design concept 😉


In other news, I’m finally back home in Kolding where I belong.. Seeing the guys and gals today was awesome even if it was only for a short time.. Didn’t think it was actually possible to miss those wonderful people so much after only such a short while.. So yea, sense of belonging indeed.. To various communities and to finally being back home.. Cheers to that!


One response to “A Sense of Belonging

  1. hvor kan man købe den t-shirt ? bare svar på min e-mail adr.

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