Keeping busy, again..

Nothing much to say about today, other than I seem to get myself involved wherever I can these days. I finally managed to get my key for the Student House today (Yay!) after an almost hour long meeting with a nice city representative, going over some details regarding our future and plans.. They seem as thrilled about working with us as we are with them.. Which is awesome, things are really picking up! 🙂

After getting my key, I went to uni to print some papers and prepare a presentation for tomorrow. As could probably be imagined, that didn’t go overly well.  At first I ran into an old friend, Michael, who was at uni trying to lure some of our students to some party that he and a group of friends were throwing.. I sorta had to help him find his bearings and on the way, I stumbled into Christian who kindly provided the Israeli Ambassador story. Losing track of Michael, I went back to the canteen and started working again, where I was then surprised by Rikke and later more or less jumped by Mette (good to see you again, girl!) .. Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done before I had to head off for a student body meeting at 3:30 which lasted till about 4:45, meaning I was home at around 5..

Which left me just enough time to grab something to eat before doing dishes, washing some clothes and tidying up just a little bit.. Apparently I have people coming over tomorrow, so better make it just a bit tidy around here. By the way, I’m an idiot. Who else but me could make a bloody mess out of himself trying to do something as simple as going to the bathroom? Damn walls and their getting in your way and tearing your flesh.. Either way, yea. Not a good idea to be spraying blood everywhere after you’ve just done your best to clean up just a little.. Will I ever learn?

The day ended in a pretty ironical fashion, Listening to Anthrax’s “Anti-social” all while trying to take part in a five person multi-chat on MSN and talking to Zascha on the phone for about half an hour.. Oh, the irony of it all 😉


4 responses to “Keeping busy, again..

  1. You were sitting there, all alone in the canteen… Thought I’d give you a scare! 😉

    Nice, weird chat we all had there last evening… Hmm…

  2. If you wanna scare me, you’re gonna have to be a hell of a lot scarier than that, baby 😉 The whole hugging thing isn’t all that scary 😛

    Yea, didn’t really understand half of what was going on, nor did I know half the people involved.. But oh well.

  3. believe me… you wasn’t the only one.. hah!

  4. Oh good, all I know is when I was done talking to Zascha on the phone, everybody had left and I was like “Huh? What was that all about!”

    Oh well, I got to scare a few random strangers.. Good times! 😉

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