You live, you learn..

I learned a few important lessons today. For starters, I learned that when you’re scheduled to give a presentation in one of your afternoon classes, it’s a good idea to remember your notes; it saves you having to skip parts of one class and dash home over the break to grab the notes from your desk, mount your bicycle, speed through afternoon traffic and run up three flight of stairs – just to spend ten minutes listening to your professor talking about this and that or nothing at all before actually being able to give your presentation.

I also learned that when you agree to let Emelie and Christian hang out in your apartment with the ultimate goal of Christian getting a free hair cut, it’s a good idea to sorta plan things a little in advance and not just place Christian in a chair in the kitchen and have Emelie have her wicked (hair cutting) way with him.. I mean, you wouldn’t assume that short haired  guys would have a hell of a lot of hair to spare, but after almost two hours of Emelie working back and forth on the poor guy, I was left with one hell of a mess to clean up, and both Christian and Emelie found themselves covered in nasty, itchy, little hairs.. Good-fucking-times! (No really, I mean it, I’m sorry if I sounded sarcastic 😉 ) While the two of them worked on the hair and Zascha curled up on my couch in a state of semi-consciousness, I got to debut my spanking new “Dinner and a hair cut” concept, in that I cooked up a batch of vegetarian lasagnette for us to feats upon for dinner.. It actually turned out better than I’d expected, albeit not as good as usual, probably owing to the fact that I didn’t really feel like cooking.. Probably because I was heading to work almost directly afterwards.. That is after I was done chasing Emelie down the streets with a pair of scissors that she forgot when she left for the train station.. Yea, I know, running with scissors, not the best idea I’ve ever had.

So yea, didn’t have much time for hanging out, sadly, but I guess we’ll have to make up for that some other time, shouldn’t be much of a problem.. Chances are we’ll have a go at it tomorrow where we’ll be cooking up a variety of venison before heading down to the student house.. Mmm 🙂

The bad news of the day (is it me or are they getting more frequent?) is that I got a couple of really confusing messages from my mother saying that my grandmother wasn’t doing well at all, that she was weak and stuck in bed with severe pains, being administered morphine and waiting to be checked into some clinic within the next few days. Which of course pretty quickly spawned a connection to the wonderful words “cancer relapse.” Last thing I heard, she was actually done with chemo and supposedly cancer free, though I never really did believe that statement. As for now, I’m in that familiar fearing the worst, hoping for the best kinda phase. Luckily, or surprisingly, I suppose, I’m surprisingly untouched by the whole ordeal. Maybe I’ve seen it all one too many times before, maybe I just don’t wanna worry ahead of time or maybe I’m just a cold-hearted son of a bitch.. Whichever it is, it seems to work. I hope all is well, though, and that something will be done for her, quickly, poor gramps has experienced enough pain already.


3 responses to “You live, you learn..

  1. Great blog, good job getting it all together 🙂

  2. Bleh.. sorry to hear about your gran, hun :/ Hope it won’t be too bad for her now. *hug*

  3. Aww, thanks 🙂 I just hope she’ll be up and around in no time.. Time will tell, I’ll try to keep you people updated.

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